81 thoughts on “Game 77 – Minnes_ta @ Chicago”

        1. I'm reasonably confident I could find a spot for Edwin Diaz, if you wanted to offload him? As the currently 3rd place team, you're probably looking to build for the future, right?

          1. Holy cats, you've got.....quite the offense.

            I think I'm already going to have a tough time settling on 5 keepers for next year.

  1. If Rosario and Escobar are going to stop hitting, the Twins may set a record for fewest runs scored.

  2. The fewest runs scored by a Twins team in a non-strike year is 562 in 1968. The Twins have to average 2.86 runs per game the rest of the season to do that. So the record is probably safe, but I can't say that for sure.

  3. The fewest runs scored by a team ever is 372 by the 1908 St. Louis Cardinals. The Twins' predecessors, the Washington Senators, hold the American League record with 380 in 1909. The Twins currently sit at 316. I think those records are safe.

  4. I'm starting to think I could go out there and shut down the Twins offense, at least until my arm got too sore to get the ball to the plate.

  5. Dazzle said earlier that Adrianza could be affected when Polanco is added to the roster. Maybe, but I'd sure get rid of Taylor Motter before I did anything with Adrianza.

  6. Why is Bobby Wilson on this team? I know he's supposed to be a great defensive player, but at this point I don't care if he's Pudge Rodriguez, Yadier Molina, and Johnny Bench behind the plate. He's batting .140, he has an OPS below .450, he's thirty-five years old, and the team's going nowhere. Not that getting rid of him is going to turn the season around, but it's an embarrassment to have a player like that on your major league roster.

  7. Grossman with the old "pull the bat back and take strike one". I have no idea what that's supposed to accomplish, other than getting behind in the count.

  8. I'm in a bit of a temporal shift as I normally stream the video through one app and listen to the radio on another. The radio is always ahead. This time, I'm watching the "video" live and the radio is behind. It's screwing with my expectation of events.

  9. The problem, at least in this series, is not that the Twins are not hitting with men in scoring position. The problem is that they're not getting men into scoring position.

      1. Actually, the blame should really go to Dazzle. I don't know if Cory would've said anything if Gladden hadn't said it first.

  10. Provus: "The Twins are thinking big here...and the next batter is Bobby Wilson."

    Well, who knows? Maybe the blind squirrel will find an acorn.

  11. Yes, Dazzle, I know that at one time the takeout slide at second was a standard baseball play. Throwing the ball at the runner to get him out was a standard baseball play once, too.

  12. If you hit the way Bobby Wilson does, you darn well should not be allowing any passed balls.

  13. I cannot understand how a so-called professional pitcher can walk in the tying run on four straight pitches.

  14. Sometimes, when a game is tied 1-1 after nine, you say, "Wow, what a pitcher's duel!" This is not one of those times.

  15. As Wilson comes up to bat:

    Provus: Danny, is this a bunt situation?

    Dazzle: I sure hope so.

  16. I'd think the umpire would need to be sure the first baseman was off the base to make that call in this situation.

      1. Why do I have the feeling Gleeman, who invented his own sabermetric value stat, is using batting average because it feeds a narrative.

        1. Never one to use average, here's pretty much everything.

          Year PA AVG OBP SLG OPS sOPS+
          2012 34 .111 .149 .111 .260 -22
          2013 68 .277 .362 .398 .759 125
          2014 81 .177 .333 .241 .574 74
          2015 77 .229 .283 .427 .710 107
          2016 92 .177 .290 .283 .573 66
          2017 65 .176 .295 .351 .647 85
          2018 38 .128 .226 .191 .418 23

          tOPS+'s less-known cousin, sOPS+, is how this split compares to the rest of the league in that split.

  17. A scoreless inning by Reed. I guess this game does pretty much have everything (runs excepted).

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