36 thoughts on “January 22, 2019: Trouble A-Brewin’”

  1. I had my best day of bowling in years yesterday. 174, 178, 177 for a 529 series. I think that's the second-highest series I've ever had. It's not that unusual for me to have one good game, or even two, but to have three games in a row that consistently good is pretty rare.

    Of course, next week I may struggle to break a hundred, because bowling is like that, at least for me. But it was a lot of fun yesterday.

    1. They've got different bowling out here - we did this as a work event several years back in H'istan. Much smaller balls (no finger holes) but still 10-pin. No-one in the group was any good at it except for one dude (local) who grew up with it.

    2. Wow, congrats! I went bowling with the boys for the first time in many years. My shoulders and upper arms are QUITE sore today.

  2. I had been looking forward to taking my daughter to the Creighton -Butler game for the past 6 months. Just found out my wife's uncle passed away. Will now be driving to StL for a funeral and then to Creighton for a Sunday visit.

    Her uncle was a Catholic priest. He married us and baptized our kids. The youngest [60] of the uncles/aunts and the first to pass. It sucks.

      1. Thanks.

        He was heavily involved in Catholic education so it will probably be the biggest funeral I ever attend. A really good guy that I'll miss a lot.

    1. Cant even come up with a cool nickname with Am Fam owning the right. Miller Park had a nice flow to it. Heck, even when Comiskey Park was named US Cellular Field, you can just call it The Cell it was cool and it fit.

      1. I'm surprised anyone was unanimous. Maybe the BBWAA and fan pressure were enough to end the blank ballots. Still surprised because so easy for someone to skip voting for Rivera for strategic purposes.

        1. Rivera was basically the perfect storm candidate for unanimity. He gets votes from the SABR crowd, he gets votes from the legions of Yankme frontrunners, he gets votes from people who see 600 saves and don’t think twice, and he gets votes from the the baseball writers who would unironically choose “Okie from Muskogee” as their walk-up music.

  3. We ditched the land-line on Sunday in H-ville

    According to the Comcast dude, by their rules, they have to leave it active for another day. Man, there were a lot of calls to the house on Monday (we are not normally here on a Monday, we both had MLK off). Today - the savings, Negligible. The quiet, Priceless.

    Not sure why it took so long for us to take that step.

  4. The T-Wolves are blowing out the Suns and I've never even heard of these guys off the bench. The fact they're on the floor is thanks to Saunders I suppose.

    1. CJ Williams and Jared Terrell are two dude I have never heard of. If this was a spring training baseball game, they would have jersey numbers in the 80s

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