Game 37 (and 38!): Tigers @ Twins – Let’s Play (Another) Two!

At the risk of extreme repetition...

This team is FUN.

Great pitching, great hitting... Byron Buxton not completely sucking. It's been a delight.

You know what would be even more delightful? Another doubleheader sweep.

Pineda and Stewart haven't exactly been aces, but if you're going to toss them out there, you may as well do it against the Tigers.

81 thoughts on “Game 37 (and 38!): Tigers @ Twins – Let’s Play (Another) Two!”

      1. I think Gibson is already pitching like a fine number 4, and will get better as things progress.

        Pineda hasn't pitched in literally years. I imagine there's some curve to coming back. The stuff is there, the consistency just needs to work its way back.

        1. Maybe, I'm not very patient though so I'm just not feeling it. I also don't really think he's gonna get the chance because I'm guessing he's the first one out of the rotation if anyone in the minors distinguishes themselves. It can definitely no longer be Perez.

          1. Right? My other year I'd be like, hey, he only gave up three runs, all right. But I don't think they're just having a "good start", I feel like they're actually pretty good this year! It isn't smoke and mirrors like in years past.

  1. Regarding catchers conversation this week: The way Castro is putting together at bats I think the rotating catcher thing is not a bad idea. When Tortuga comes back, I wouldn't mind seeing Garver fill in occasionally at 1B to get a few more at bats. With catchers there are just not a lot of them that can catch 140+ games and be productive at the plate.

    1. I thought Garver should be the everyday catcher a couple weeks ago, but yeah, with how great Castro had been lately this looks like a brilliant decision. Maybe Garver slumps of he plays every day and doesn't because he's sharing time.

      These discussions are really fun.

    1. Speaking of, I'm curious on their booth strategy this year. It's not a complaint, but Morneau kind of came out of nowhere to get the majority of TV games this years. Especially after all the guys they were trying last year.

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