Game 58: twins @ rays

I was working in the video studio recording graduation last night, so I only saw the last inning of the game. It was a good inning to watch.

Like Jeff A, I haven't totally figured out the pattern for Rocco's bullpen usage, other than it seems that Taylor Rogers is probably the only reliever he trusts 100%. That's probably wise, as Rogers is obviously the best in the pen by a fair margin, but I sort of worry about overuse. It would be nice to get one more very good-to-elite arm out there, or for May or someone else to truly step up to the point where Rocco feels confident putting him out there in late and close against top teams.

Hopefully, we get Good Gibson and the bat's come out furious against Yonny Chirinos, a person I've never heard of, who has nonetheless put up a pretty solid season so far.

That ends today. Let's go, Twins!

Also... Burn the Trop to the ground. What a horrible stadium.

34 thoughts on “Game 58: twins @ rays”

  1. If any pitcher ever throws Sano anything other than a breaking ball, then they would be very stupid pitcher.

  2. Lowe and Lowe not agreeing on pronunciation has to be a test for away broadcasters.

  3. Oliver Drake sighting. Very SSS but his 13.5 K/9 and 2.7 BB/9 should keep him in one place this season.

  4. Top of the eighth the first half inning since the second the Twins didn't score.

  5. If we get out of here with a 2-2 split it will be a success.

    Let's set our sights a bit higher. This team is good enough to expect good things.

    1. I am happy to admit I was overly pessimistic headed into this series. Perez' next start will be important for his own psyche but this team continues to surprise.

    2. I will add though that regardless of tomorrow's result - this series can already be considered a success.

    1. The 1928 Yankees lost a game against the 7th place Cleveland club 24-6. They won 101 games, then took the World Series. I'm not saying that this team is World Series bound, but one game tells us practically nothing about them -- strengths OR weaknesses.

      1. I think that game tells us about Perez and the last 2 tells us a lot about the team as a whole.

    1. He gave up a run, but when you're up by a few, why not let a reliever work a couple innings? Buys guys like Rogers some extra rest until he's really needed

        1. Same. Just like giving Littell a long leash in the blowout, should have waited a bit longer until pulling Harper.

          I couldn't resist the joke however.

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