Game 115: Cleveland @ Minnesota

This is the Battle for the AL Central (lead)
Perhaps the biggest series of the season (so far)
Make or Break?
Do or Die?
Win or Go Home?
All or Nothing?
Sink or Swim?
Now or Never?
Put Up or Shut Up?
is it just, "one game at a time"?

we shall see!

Kyle Gibson
Mike Clevinger

74 thoughts on “Game 115: Cleveland @ Minnesota”

    1. Man, the Mountie has upped his game, and it’s delightful to hear him add some commentary.

      1. He really has. Sometimes I wonder if it's because of the dreck we've been listening to, but no, he's just very solid if unspectacular.

  1. I don’t recommend seasoning cast iron pans during the summer months in the south. Only three more cycles, but good god the heat.

  2. Twins were 47-22 on June 15th. They are 23-22 since.

    They look a lot more like a .511 team than a .681 team right now.

    Cleveland was 36-33 on June 15th - 32-13 since.

    We can't give up unearned runs in this series.

    1. That is a bummer, but man, check that Cleveland schedule during that time frame. It's like 50% Kansas city and Detroit.

      1. Fair point. The question is which Twins team shows up when they get that same schedule stretch. The 68% one or the 51% one?

        1. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not super confident right now. The only thing I am confident in is that the Twins will get the wild card at worst.

          I just think that Cleveland is headed for some serious "coming down to earth".

        2. Well, that Twins team did show up for the Miami, Chicago, Kansas City stretch. Gives me hope

    1. Whether lack of control or lack of confidence to attack the zone - he is difficult to watch.

  3. Gibson working to give Perez a run for his money at who will be taken out of the rotation first.

    1. Ball three to Sano (which was a ball) was a much, much, much better pitch than strike two to Cron

      1. Rosario's FC actually might have been a 5-4-3 DP with a force at second in play

  4. I’m still seasoning my 100 year old cast iron pan. So, at least I have the high heat in my domicile.

      1. I’ve been making / burning dinner in the pan for years, but the build up of carbon and an unfortunate run in with a pizza cutter facilitated the necessary strip down to bare metal. This is the 7th cycle of high heat plus a film of flaxseed oil and the pan is looking pretty good. I’ll likely take it through a couple more cycles before I start cooking with it again. Once set this seasoning should be enough to withstand the dishwasher ——> but I’d never, ever, .... yeah.

  5. Great AB by Adrianza. And,😲 additional bright side. Hand is throwing a bunch of high-ish leverage pitches.

  6. Boo. Again, bright side is Hand threw a lot of pitches.

    If the Twins come back to win the next three, we will be over the moon.

        1. *Sigh* yeah.

          I worry about the Dread Pirates point about Smeltzer when he isn't a surprise start tomorrow. But Odor has had a couple solid starts since the Yankees blasted him and I don't see Berrios having another start like he just did. But yeah things could get really bad - like Minnesota sports bad - by Sunday afternoon.

          1. Even if it isn't, the team that shelled him last time was Cleveland. However, if he was pulled after six innings, his line would been three runs, on two home runs, in six innings.

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