55 thoughts on “Game 129: tigers @ twins”

  1. It is the absolute best weather here tonight, stomach is full of cheese brat and corn on the cob, relaxing on the deck listening to the game competing with the tree frogs, with Mrs Runner reading her historical romance novel, watching the hummingbirds and hover flies ... is this heaven, Ray?

    1. I don't understand why pitchers don't always pitch from the stretch. Seems a lot easier to have only one motion.

          1. Almost all singles were rollers through the infield. Extremely bad luck. The only thing I question is letting him pitch from the windup. Plus bottom of the lineup to start the inning.

  2. That was a fast turnaround. I remember it wasn't that long ago that some were wanting Sano sent down to AAA. With that HR, I believe Sano has a better OPS on the season than he had as a rookie.

      1. and, fwiw, I think his OPS+ is still below his rookie year. Not that I'm complaining about his OPS this year.

        1. League OPS is higher overall, so probably but his OPS is trending up. He's always going to K a lot. The key is him taking walks and forcing pitchers to throw him pitches in the zone and improve odds of getting mistakes.

          Also, Sano this year has hit a bunch of dramatic home runs, such as his walk off against Braves.

    1. Still lower OPS+however. Teams are scoring half a run more per game than in his rookie year.

  3. so, we got Acceptable Gibby today? Not Good Gibby, not Bad Gibby. Maybe Wriggle-Wriggle Gibby.

  4. Cave's OPS .852, Polanco's .854, who would have predicted that a couple of months ago?

  5. Puppies!

    Spiders win, lead still 2.5 games.

    Outhomered the Yankees 3-1, lead up to 13 homers with two games in hand. Next team to pass, 2016 Orioles.

    1. And the '96 Orioles (plus 2010 Blue Jays*) after that. 1996 had a lot of home runs.

      * It wasn't just the Twins giving them up that year.

        1. Fourth most for the Blue Jays that year. But the three ahead were intradivision opponents. The Rangers were fifth, only one home run less, but they had an additional game. The Twins gave up a home run to the Blue Jays once every 13.5 PAs. the Rangers every 16 PAs. The Diamondbacks (only three games) were once every 11.8 PAs.

    1. He has a wife, a kid on the way, and a lot of interests that have nothing to do with football.

      I've always kind of had an affection for the guy, so I've felt badly for him the last couple of years. I'm glad he's made the right call.

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