2019 World Series Game 1 — Washington Nationals at Houston Astros

Game 1 of the 2019 World Series, Washington Nationals versus the Houston Astros. This one promises to be a series of excellent starting pitching on both sides and will be fun to see how each dominant starter matches up. Tonight Max Scherzer (who’s given up 1 earned run in 15 playoff innings this year) v. Gerrit Cole (who’s given up 1 earned run in 22.2 playoff innings this year). Which team will get to the pitcher first?

First pitch slated at 7:08p from Houston.

29 thoughts on “2019 World Series Game 1 — Washington Nationals at Houston Astros”

  1. I was never a fan of Suzuki's defense when he was with the Twins, but he did everything he could do on that one.

  2. Feels like a big at-bat here for Gurriel. Hard to know how many at-bats you're going to get with men in scoring position.

    1. I couldn't tell for sure whether he touched the runner or not. I couldn't swear that he didn't, but I couldn't swear that he did, either.

      1. I'll probably look it up tomorrow, but I wouldn't think contact would be the issue. I mean, he was in the frigging base path!

        1. I don't know the rule, but from observation, once the ball's in play it doesn't really matter where the coaches are as long as their not interfering with anything.

          1. After the very clear catcher's interference that wasn't called, I don't think the rules matter here anyway.

  3. What a strange play that was. An outfielder dives for a ball and it hits him in the shoulder. The third base coach nearly makes contact with the runner. All kinds of things going on!

      1. They don't have the guys to do a bullpen game. They have the four starters and Doolittle and Hudson, and then maybe Rodney and Rainey. I'd have to think between Scherzer throwing 100-something pitches and Corbin throwing 20-something tonight, it's a lot more likely Corbin does game 4.

        1. I missed Corbin pitching a single inning plus that's three days rest, making this an intense bullpen session.

          1. The interesting question is whether they have Corbin go 2 innings tonight before Hudson/Doolittle, which as you said, would make game 4 dicier. Or try to get some outs out of somebody else, which they ended up going with, and didn't exactly work.

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