18 thoughts on “2019 World Series Game 2”

  1. ZiPS pegged this game as the second most likely for the Astros to win. Yesterday's was the highest probability.

    1. I remember when Adrianza hit his home run off Verlander earlier this year. I wondered at that time if he sometimes "lets up" against weaker hitters. Not saying he does, but the thought crossed my mind.

        1. I looked at all his individual home runs against this year and I wonder. I think he economizes at times.

          Oh... and the Astros defense is really looking shaky!

    1. He had a run scored charged to him just eight times all regular season. Half that with more than one run and his worst outing he gave up four runs.

      1. He has been stellar for a year and a half, but he is struggling in the post season. Defense is not helping.

  2. If the Nats can get by without using Doolittle or Hudson this game, it will be huge for games 3 and 4.

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