77 thoughts on “2019 World Series Game 7”

    1. I have always had issues with people who like the sound of their own voice. Joe Buck is the poster child for such people.

  1. Dave Martinez is playing with some fire here, seeing as how Scherzer can't hit the broadside of a barn tonight.

    1. At some point you can't let the starter that refuses to stop continue pitching. Scherzer clearly isn't at 100% and Corbin should be ready.

  2. Six, one-hit shut out innings in Game 7 of the World Series is why you go out and get a Zach Grienke at the trading deadline, regardless of cost.

      1. Thing is they're more accurate now than they've ever been in history. We just have computers now that show their mistakes unequivocally

  3. John smoltz may be dumbfounded by the possibility of a team winning all four road games, but he's an expert on a team winning all four home games.

  4. I cant imagine cheering for my team in the world series and watching them lose all 4 games at home. How much would that just suck.

      1. But, to be faaaiiiirrrrr... I meant purchasing playoff tickets and watching your team lose all games at home. That would be almost as bad as being a Vikings fan, right?

            1. On that line of thought, the fans that probably had the most fun were the fans watching outside of nationals Park who are definitely not the people who would have been there had this been in Washington.

  5. So the radio guys didn't get why Corbin pitched in the 8th instead of Hudson. This is why. Hudson can pitch against Springer and Altuve.

    1. Like some others around here, I lived in Washington when the Nats came to town... they've been my NL team ever since. Only the Twins ahead of them for me. So happy.

  6. The Nationals bullpen had a 5.68 ERA in the regular season and a 4.03 ERA in the World Series. The Astros bullpen had a 3.75 ERA in the regular season, second best in the AL, and a 5.73 ERA in the World Series.

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