14 thoughts on “August 15, 2020: Double Shot”

  1. Had my doctor follow up visit on Thursday. Heart and lungs check out just fine. Blood Pressure back to normal. Since I have been biking regularly the doc did not think I needed a stress test on my heart. He had no explanation of what could have caused my chest pains last weekend. He asked about acid reflux and heartburn but I have had those enough to know this was something completely different. I guess I am happy my health checked out well, but it is hard to swallow that my chest pains were a unique event.

    On another note: We received 6-7 inches at my house yesterday. Rain in the middle of my basement floor for the 3rd time this summer. Both sump pumps working. No sign of where the water is coming from.

    At the joint yesterday, we had zero patio due to weather. With social distancing we can only seat about 35% of our normal capacity inside. Thanks to take out we had one of our busiest Fridays ever. So surreal. Dining room and bar feel pretty dead all day and sales just pile up. Over the past 4 weeks we have had one host report a positive Covid test. Luckily she only had worked one shift in which she possibly could have been contagious. No one worked closely with her that day. We have lost 8 other employees (including my daughter) for 10-14 days due to symptoms that possibly could be covid but tests came back negative. We are requiring medical clearance before letting any sick staff back in the building. As a result, we have been short staff A...L...O...T!!! Hard to hire more staff due to jacked up unemployment benefits. We are in better shape than most restaurants in the area, but still pretty stressful trying to scratch together a schedule.

    1. I know the focus is on a vaccine, but a fast, easy, cheap test might be even better.

      I can't imagine how many times someone in my family has a sore throat during the winter.

      1. Agreed. My daughter and I both fight allergies spring through fall. We both can lose our voice, have a steady cough, and runny nose on and off all summer. So, that's fun when people are scared of covid.

      2. Big news today!

  2. Got my results back from the first test - negative for covid as of Thursday. I am signed up for an antibody test tomorrow morning, and for another test (supposedly with 30 minute results) on Tuesday.

  3. Our league just switched to OOTP21, and these two teams are apparently looking for owners if anyone wants to join bjhess, TDO, and me

      1. If you want in, email the commissioner (giacalone.anthony at the Google email service) and tell him that Barry and I recruited you. (Yes, the commissioner was may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination.)

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