2021Game Log 28 – Rangers at Twins

Twins have been showing some signs of life lately with timely bats and decent starting pitching so why not finally bring Kyle Gibson to the mound to keep that winning streak going. Wait, I'm being told that Kyle Gibson is now pitching for the Rangers and he's been good Gibby?

Yes, Kyle Gibson has a 3.0 record for the Rangers, was their opening day starter and has earned that honor with a dang good season so far. Fun to see him do well but we all know it's time for bad Gibby to show is head sometime so why not tonight?

J.A. Happ for the Twins and he's been a pleasant surprise with a 2.0 record and 1.96 ERA.

Nice night for a ballgame if you can get in. 6:40p start.

Twins Lineup:

33 thoughts on “2021Game Log 28 – Rangers at Twins”

  1. Two run lead is a lot better than one run. I still don't trust it with the current bullpen.

    1. He is a pretty good pitcher when he is not nibbling outside the strike zone

  2. I remember feeling bad for Gibby when he was pummeled in the Rangers' opener, and then shocked to see him on the AL ERA leaders list this weekend, but good for him. Even better, we've figured him out enough tonight to (maybe) get a win. Must be nice to have a starter that can go at least 7 IP.

  3. And of course Josh Donaldson makes and error. I can see where this is heading....

    1. Seriously, those errors. They might be the worst part. Apart from the losing.

      1. It's always multiple things. But that's the point; choking requires multiple players to fail.

  4. welp. better walk em off because we all know what extra innings will bring

  5. I'm never going to understand how Rocco can consistently have a 10-man bullpen* and somehow simultaneously use guys too often (Rogers on consecutive nights; Waddell to Garcia on consecutive nights to the same batter!) and not enough (Rogers pitching once in 10 days before this).


  6. Twins are 1-8 in second games of series and are averaging 2.44 runs scored. In their other 19 games, they are averaging 5.84 runs scored. Four of those losses are by one run and three of them are extra innings.

    1. I didn’t verify, but this comment from over at Twins Daily sure feels true:

      The Twins have been outscored 17-1 in the 9th inning this year.Not a misprint. 17-1.Making things even worse-------like we need that-------when you factor in the 6 extra inning losses with the Twins being outscored 11-2 (just in the 10th inning) they've now been outscored in the 9th and 10th inning 28-3.Yes, 28-3.

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