18 thoughts on “2021 Game Log 79 – Twins at White Sox”

  1. Four innings pitched for Berríos and no strikeouts. Somehow only three runs given up from nine hits and one walk but seems so easy to go real bad real fast.

  2. Dazzle second-guessing Rocco for taking Berrios out after five innings. I don't know whether he's right--I just started listening in the sixth. It's just interesting that the local team's broadcaster is being critical of the manager.

    1. Already at 89 pitches through five with ten hits, four runs given up, and zero strikeouts. The tying run scored in the fifth, albeit from an error. It's the "zero strikeouts" that would make me pull Berríos after five. I admit I watched zero of the game but the lack of strikeouts combined with so many hits leads me to think he's not "on" today.

  3. Cory, I know it's a struggle to find something to say in games like this, but we know the White Sox are dominating us this year. You don't need to cite all the numbers that prove it.

  4. Dick Bremer says Jim Kaat will be in the tv booth for the next couple of series

  5. If there's an upside to this series, it's that it should take away any thoughts the Twins might have had about getting back into the race and get them totally focused on the future.

    1. Lavelle E. Neal just tweet out: One thing you can say about the 2021 Twins, they never got your hopes up.

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