2024 Game Log 92 – Twins at White Sox

Twins continue their latest hot streak by taking care of the woeful Chicago White Sox last night and look to continue tonight in the second game of their 3 game series. Twins doing little wrong lately, especially mashing the ball and avoiding strikeouts. It's fun to see a bunch of young players make huge impacts and makes one think the future is bright. Also not only has this hot streak brought the Twins within 5 games of the Guardians, they are sneaking up on the Yankees too for third best record in the AL. Should be a fun summer for baseball, sure would be nice if most of us could watch it on TV.

Bailey Ober on the mound and he continues to impress as a solid #3 or #4 starter. Since I can't see the games on TV, I didn't know that he's 6'9" That's neck tat territory. Wow. Erick Fedde for the Whities and he is easily their best pitcher with 6 wins for a 26 win team and respectable WIP, ERA, etc.

Game time at 7:10 but there's a good chance for rain all evening. Will be interesting to see if they get this in. Rainy tomorrow morning but looks like they could do an afternoon/evening doubleheader on Wednesday.

20 thoughts on “2024 Game Log 92 – Twins at White Sox”

  1. I like to think that the good ball the team has been playing will carry over against better teams. Not sure about our pitching staff though. Well, let's keep feasting on the Sockery teams and worry about that when the time comes

  2. That's neck tat territory.

    I forgot that Jon Rauch was 6'11". I know he's on various lists for involving tallest players such as pitcher v. pitcher or pitcher v. batter along with height differences of the same category. He and Johnson were on the Diamondbacks in 2008 too.

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