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Game 3: Royals at Twins

Jason Hammel (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs. Kyle Gibson (0-0, 0.00 ERA)


Kyle Gibson takes the mound for the first time this year after a rough 2016. This will be an interesting start, though, as we'll get to see if playing four square during the offseason pays off. He's in the last year of his contract, so I hope for both his sake and the team's sake that it works. I have been cautiously optimistic heading into this year (because that's what baseball is all about, ammiright?) and the first couple games haven't done much to bring me back down from that. Of course, it's the pitching that is likely to crush our spirits.

I've been able to watch both games, which means I can give reasonably informed opinions backed up by eye-testy stuff. One of the things I've been most happy about in this SSST is Miguel Sano. Dude looks really good to start the year and I've been impressed by his patience. If it weren't for yesterday's wind he'd have a couple extra dingers.

It'd be really awesome to start the season off with a sweep of the Royals, so let's do that.

January 17th, 2017: School’s Closed Again

Schools across the state are closed today. Of course, they didn't announce it around here until after I got the Trinket up to start getting ready. She was pretty upset about it, which is both good that she likes going and bad that she gets really upset about something out of my control.

Humorously, though, the local news keeps telling us how terrible it is out there but showing video of traffic moving as normal...

March 24th, 2016: Last Day

Well, its my last day at this job. The past two weeks have been kind of nice because everyone has been letting me know that the work I've done over the past three years has actually accomplished something.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do today, but I doubt it'll be particularly productive.

Gloryhammer – Rise of the Chaos Wizards/Legend of the Astral Hammer

As per usual, I listened to a lot of new music this year. Only problem is that it was only new to me. But! I did listen some stuff actually released this year. I definitely had a year of somewhat cheesy power metal, so my favorite from the past 12 months was the second album, Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards, from an awesome band I recently discovered:


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Game 157: Twins at Cleveland

Gibson (10-11, 3.96 ERA, 4.02 xFIP) vs. Anderson (6-3, 3.31 ERA, 4.43 xFIP)

Gibson's coming off his shortest and possibly worst outing of the season against this very Cleveland team. Hopefully he's got a mind for some revenge tonight as the Twins are going to need all the wins they can get since those other frickin teams keep not losing. Since the bullpen has been shaky of late, it'd be great to get a good 7-8 innings.

Opposite Gibson is the rookie Cody Anderson, owner of a shiny 3.31 ERA and a less shiny 4.43 xFIP. He's had some trouble striking guys out with just under 5 K's/9, so on paper this looks like a pretty good matchup for the Twins. It would also be nice if they could find the time to score in more than just one or two innings.

Game 135: Twins @ Royals

Gibson (9-9, 3.84 ERA, 4.06 xFIP) vs. Volquez (12-7, 3.53 ERA, 4.27 xFIP)

Upon brief perusal of stats, this appears to be a matchup of rather similar pitchers. mid to high 3's for ERA, slightly higher xFIP's. They'll strike out a couple guys, but not all of them. Volquez favors the flyball a bit more than Gibson, though, so hopefully the Twins can turn some of those into HR's. It'd be real nice if Sano could break out of this mini-slump and hit some balls hard.

I would also like to see Buxton in there today. (and everyday, but dead horse) I suspect we may not since Hunter's had some hits the past two games, though.

Game 125: Twins at Rays

Santana (2-4, 5.53 ERA, 4.99 xFIP) vs. Karns (7-5, 3.44 ERA, 3.81 xFIP)

Interestingly, Santana's ERA and K/9 are the same. He's also not pitched well since starting his season. It'd be nice of him to reverse that tonight.

The Twins face Karns who's having a pretty good year. Hopefully that means he's not a middling Jeremy who will dominate the lineup. That said, I fully expect Sano to punch a couple holes in the roof at the Trop tonight.