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Game 69: Twins vs. WhiteSox



Scott Diamond vs. John Danks

I would say that one of the best parts about Baseball is the draft. Specifically the fact that it's not held until the middle of next year and the players won't make an impact for years down the line. When watching a bad Timberwolves or Vikings team it's easy to root for a loss to get better draft position. With a bad Twins team I can still always hope for a win. Especially against the White Sox.


2013 Game 31: Twins @ BoSox

6:10 (CDT) start time.

Kevin Correia vs. John Lackey

Watch for rain.

Gleeman has been telling us for weeks that Correia has a history of pitching well in April and then turning back into a pumpkin. That seemed to play out in his last start when he gave up four runs in five innings versus the Indians. Let's hope that history stops repeating itself tonight. And if it does have to repeat itself, let's see it be a repeat of last night.

4 Dozier
2 Mauer
7 Willingham
3 Morneau
5 Plouffe
DH Doumit
9 Arcia
8 Hicks
6 Florimon

2013 Game 3: Twins vs. Tigers – Day Game!

Game 2 Recap:
Say, who is this Escobar fellow? Sounds like a name for the future that I should know.

*Looks him up*

Oh. Well then. I guess we should appreciate what happened yesterday.

Today the Twins go for a series win against the defending division champions. This would give them an above .500 record for the first time since September 2010. Has it really been that long?

I became a baseball fan when I was 14. I watched the 2001 playoffs with my cousin and fell in love with the Twins. The next nine years were a good time to be a Twins fan, and I watched 90% of their games. 2011 was a test. I felt like a bad fan for giving up on the team and not watching as many games when they were so far behind, but something SBG said stuck with me. It's okay to not put everything you have behind the team. It's okay to simply enjoy baseball for what it is. And even though we don't think the Twins will be very good this year (JeffA excepted), games like yesterday's will still be fun to watch.

Game 3
12:10PM(CDT) Start Time
Mike Pelfrey vs. Rick Porcello

Hicks CF
Mauer C
Willingham LF
Morneau 1B
Doumit DH
Plouffe 3B
Parmelee RF
Carroll 2B
Florimon SS

The bad news: The Twins haven't hit any home runs.
The good news: The Twins pitchers haven't given up any home runs!

The bad news: The Tigers starters ERA against the Twins is 0.
The good news: The Tigers relievers ERA against the Twins is 6.13!