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2018 Game Number 1: Minnesota Twins at Baltimore Orioles

Day game alert!

Jake Odorizzi


Dylan Bundy


Finishing at .500 would not be considered a success this year, would it? With that being the case, I wonder if we get 424 comments today?

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Game 5: Twins @ O’s

It was a long wait for baseball to return. I missed it more than one might think, considering my team of choice's biggest accomplishment over the last two years was that they avoided losing 100 games. I don't know exactly what my expectations for this year are, but so far they've been exceeding them. As long as they keep playing games that stay interesting beyond the fourth inning, it'll be an improvement over last season, anyway.

Vance Worley makes his second start this evening. He was one of maybe fifteen people crazy enough to be at the Opening Day game in short sleeves, and that endears him to me. Let's see if he can shut down Barry Bonds Chris Davis, and whether or not he can give the bullpen a little bit of a breather. His opponent is...Chris Tillman. Tillman took a huge leap forward in ERA last year while only improving his xFIP a half run or so. He would seem like a prime target for a bit of regression, let's see to that.

Leaderboards That Twins Appear On:

On-Base% - Plouffe, t-10th (.500)
At Bats - Mauer, t-10th (18)
Doubles - Doumit & Willingham, t-7th (2)
Triples - Dozier, t-3rd (1)
Base on Balls - Morneau, t-1st (4)
Base on Balls - Plouffe & Willingham, t-7th (3)
Strikeouts - Hicks, t-3rd (8)
Strikeouts - Willingham, t-7th (7)
Stolen Bases - Plouffe & Parmelee (???), t-7th (1)
Runs Created - Plouffe, t-10th (5)
Extra Base Hits - Willingham, t-7th (3)
Hit By Pitch - Plouffe, t-1st (1)
Double Plays Grounded Into - Parmelee, t-5th (1)
Stolen Base Success% - Plouffe & Parmelee, t-1st (100%)
At Bats Per SO - Morneau, t-10th (13)
Outs Made - Hicks, t-6th (16)
WPA Added - Escobar, 3rd (0.5)

ERA - Pelfrey, t-1st (0.00)
Wins - Pelfrey & Perkins, t-1st (1)
W/L % - Pelfrey & Perkins, t-1st (1.000)
Games Played - Fien & Duensing, t-1st (3)
Innings - Correia, t-5th (7)
Games Strated - Worley, Correia, Pelfrey, & Hendriks, t-1st (1)
Hits Allowed - Hendriks & Worley, t-4th (8)
Home Runs Per 9 - Everyone But Robertson, t-1st (0.00)
Losses - Fien & Worley, t-2nd (1)
Wild Pitches - Roenicke, Pressly, & Worley, t-5th (1)
Batters Faced - Correia, t-5th (28)
Batters Faced - Worley, t-9th (27)
Games Finished - Roenicke, Robertson, Pressly, & Perkins, t-9th (1)

I expect that feature to be a little less exhaustive the next time my turn for a game log rolls around.

Go Twins.