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Friday Music Day: Head Canon

Long ago, there was a song I enjoyed (and yes, this story would be greatly improved if I could remember the identity of the song) where I heard the lyrics to one key segment in a very specific way. M

later, I heard a live version of the song, where the singer enunciated the lyrics much more clearly, and I could hear what he was actually singing. Whereas the lyrics that I THOUGHT he'd been singing had been clever, the actual ones were juvenile and dull. It ruined the song for me completely.

So, tell me about instances where your head Canon outshines the real thing.

Or just drop your 10. It's still a thing!


Given CH's FKB this week, is there a particular song or genre that relieves your stress or helps put you back in a functional state of mind?

Not holding myself to anything, but somewhere back in the day while deployed I pulled a burned CD of Jimmy Buffet songs out of a care package. I've never been much of a beach guy, though I love a good lake day, but listening to Jimmy Buffet will dial me down a bit.

FMD 10-20-17: Five Favorite Songs Of The Millennium (So Far)

For my guest DJ week I'm playing covers, and I was entirely planning on something along those lines for FMD, but we've done that before, and today's song gave me a better idea: pick your five favorite songs of the millennium. I mean, it's an arbitrary point, but it seems less arbitrary than a lot of other points we could choose.

And yes, of course, the millennium started on January 1, 2001. So releases in the year 2000 are right out.

I've got 3 of mine so far:

Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe"
Rilo Kiley's "Portions For Foxes"
The Avett Brother's "Laundry Room"

I'm still working on the rest. Far too many candidates. This is tough.

FMD: A Morning Show “bit” that I actually enjoyed

The 89.3 morning show is generally more 'miss' than 'hit,' but sometimes it works. This morning was one of those: on Fridays, they do a "Song War" where each host selects a song and plays a 15-20 second clip of it. Of note, neither host knows ahead of the clip which song the other is queuing up. The audience chooses which one they'd prefer to hear in its entirety and votes via Twitter. This morning, the selections were a bit out of leftfield for The Current.* :

A: Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills



B: Helmet - Unsung


*I was stoked and almost pulled over to send a text to cheaptoy. Decided instead to use it for FMD!

Was going to set up a poll, but having never done so before, didn't know how to do it... so, which would be your choice? A or B?

Drop you choice and list below!

BTW, the listeners selected:

Spoiler SelectShow

Friday Music Day: (Game In Progress) … a common refrain

This is here.
Add your list down there.
I'm going to hijack this thread a little to announce...


Over the next couple weeks we'll take submissions. Rules are pretty simple:

  • Nominate up to 3 songs in a Spoiler.
  • Nominate songs that fall under the category of "Summer" (you can take that as subjectively as you'd like)
  • Like the All-Star game, everyone gets at least one song. Your first nominated song is (most likely) juiced in to be picked.
  • The same song nominated by multiple people will also most likely be automatically included.
  • Whatever other rules I make up along the way.

I'm shooting to have this done by the solstice, so let's get those picks in!

FMD: Christmas Gifts

Remember the 90's? In the 90's I was, with some frequency, gifted CD's as Christmas presents.

The best one I ever got was TMBG's Flood, which helped me start to discover music that had been made in the same decade I was living in.
The worst one I ever got was Shania Twain's Come On Over, which... was not what I was listening to at the time. It wasn't as offensive as it sounds in retrospect, but it wasn't particularly good either.

So what's the best musical gift you were ever given? And the worst?

Merry Christmas all!

FMD: Sweet Emotion

Lately it seems like people in the nation have been mentioning songs that serve a specific emotional purpose. “Songs for a breakup” and “get drunk and sing along,” etc. I once put together a mix for the songs to play when I was feeling melancholy. It seems we’ve all got them. Songs for hitting a precise emotional state.

So I’d love to hear what songs you love to hear when you’re feeling happy? Sad? Wistful? Angry? Like you keep falling short? Like you’ve worked hard and succeeded? So on, and so forth. If there’s a specific mood that a song has helped you identify, toss that out there too.

And we might as well drop our lists while we’re at it, right?