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2012 Game Logs: Game 14 Detroit @ Minnesota

An interesting fact about tonight's opponent, the Detroit Pistons:

They are bad.

How bad are they? Well, last year the played the Timberwolves twice and lost both times. That was LAST YEAR. With that said, the Wolves, I believe, are roughly 13.2% better than last season. By my half baked calculations that means the Wolves should win by somewhere between 14-18 points tonight.

I think it is getting to the point where, as a team, the Wolves and their fans should start to put together realistic goals or expectations for the season. While I think a NBA title is a little hopeful and a Western Conference Final birth might just be wishful thinking, a playoff birthday is closer to a statistical improbability than a drug induced pipe dream at this point. I think the Wolves should dream a little bit bigger than just making the playoffs though. I think there is one goal the Wolves should aim towards as a litmus test to best judge the season. One goal that would mean as much to Kevin McHale as it would mean to David Kahn. A goal that would finally let Minnesota fans that things are turning around. This year the goal should be for Minnesota to have a better record than the Celtics.

Do it for Gerald Green and Theo Ratliff's expiring contract. Do it for Ryan Gomes and Bassy. Do it for the first round draft pick that turned into Wayne Ellington and Al Jefferson.  Don't do it for Jonny Flynn though. That guy stinks so bad he should be on the Pistons. Alright, you can do it for Jonny Flynn, too.





2012 Game Logs: Cowtown @ Wolves

The Wolves were up by 18 points late in the third quarter Saturday night before the Hawks went on a 24-2 run as Minnesota grabbed defeat from the clutches of victory. Love and Co. look to rebound tonight against a Kings team that looked seriously awful on Saturday night-- Sacramento scored 23 points in the first half Saturday, for real.

Minnesota is a 7.5 point favorite at home, let's see if DeMarcus Cousins is ready to make the Timberwolves pay for drafting Wesley Johnson ahead of him in the 2010 draft. Hopefully he will go easy on Minnesota as Wes himself seems to have taken the lead on punishing the Wolves.

2012 Game Logs: Game 12 Timberwolves @ Atlanta

Minnesota did their best to do a 2010-11 Timberwolves impression last night in giving away a 4th quarter lead. The main problem for the Wolves last night was Emeka Okafor being unguarded by Anthony Randolph for much of the game last night. Thankfully, Al Horford is going to be out for (likely) the rest of the season leaving Zaza Pachulia as Atlanta's starting center.

Here is a weird gambling fact about tonight's game:

Road team is 9-1-1 ATS in the last 11 meetings.

The Wolves are 7.5 point dogs tonight against a Al Horford-less Hawks team. I appreciate these teams having their better players injured to give the Wolves a chance while Beasley is out. It is mighty sporting of them.