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2012 Game Logs: Game 21 Pacers @ Wolves

If you haven't listened yet make a point to tune into listen to DK, cheaptoy, Stick, and myself , but mostly me, talk about the Wolves and the NBA in today's podcast. In the next NBA podcast cheaptoy, bjiggum, and myself will work out a three way trade involving Dwight Howard in our fantasy league. It might be more exciting that what you listened to today.

Onto tonight's game though-- we have Mag's Pacers facing off against everyone else's Minnesota Timberwolves. While I usually root for the Wolves to win by 30 points I'd be okay with the Wolves sending Mags off to the Prague without too much of a beating.  Normally, I would take some stats from covers.com to show why the Wolves are going to win tonight. However, as someone who follows historical trends and often times wagers I.O.U.'s for mowing a sportsbook's lawn based on those historical trends, I am not thrilled by this matchup. The Pacers are a good team and a victory tonight counts as a legitimate win against a good team.

Aww nuts, who am I kidding?  The Wolves will probably pop off for 113 points tonight.