July 30, 2015: More of This

Five weeks ago today, the girls went to a birthday party for a friend where the stepfather - a dude younger than I - was the chaperone. He died a couple of days ago under some strange circumstances. I knew him fairly well, and he was my only friend in the complex. It's been a bad few days at the Casa.

Minor Details: Games of July 28

Jose Berrios and Danny Ortiz carry the Red Wings.  Shannon Wilkerson has a big game for the Lookouts.  Garver and Granite drive in key runs for the Miracle.  An extra-inning win for the Kernels.  A late rally falls short for the E-Twins.  The GCL Twins sweep a doubleheader.  A strong performance by Jadison Jimenez leads the DSL Twins.

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Game 100: Pirates invade the North



The pitching matchup we always wanted to see! Liriano v Santana!

Pitchers: PIT: Liriano (6-6 , 2.91 ERA) MIN: Not Johan (2-0 , 2.60 ERA)

RF Gregory Polanco (L)
LF Starling Marte (R)
CF A. McCutchen (R)
3B Aramis Ramirez (R)
SS Jung-Ho Kang (R)
2B Neil Walker (S)
DH Pedro Alvarez (L)
CF Cervelli (R)
1B Travis Ishikawa (L)

2B Brian Dozier (R)
CF Aaron Hicks (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
DH Miguel Sano (R)
RF Eddie Rosario (L)
3B Eduardo Nunez (S)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)

Plouffe!'s on paternity leave so yeah.


July 29, 2015: The Fuzz

Yesterday we had to change a tire on one of the cars because I was forced into a curb by a cop pursuing someone. The tire blew (which I didn't realize right away; it wasn't fifteen seconds more before I parked). This one gets filed under "That sucks, but there's not much I can do about it."

Happy Birthday–July 29

Earl Moore (1877)
George Cutshaw (1886)
Cedric Tallis (1914)
Felix Mantilla (1934)
Don Wert (1938)
Bill Whitby (1943)
Hisashi Yamada (1948)
Dan Driessen (1951)
Greg Minton (1951)
Ken Burns (1953)
Dave LaPoint (1959)
Luis Alicea (1965)
Mike Williams (1968)
Seth Greisinger (1975)
Mike Adams (1978)
Ryan Braun (1980)

Cedric Tallis was the general manager of the Kansas City Royals and the New York Yankees.

Submarine pitcher Hisashi Yamada won 284 games in Japan.

Ken Burns made an Emmy-award winning documentary about the history of baseball.

Every year I am surprised to learn that there was a Ryan Braun who pitched for Kansas City in 2006 and 2007.

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Happy Birthday–July 28

Bullet Joe Rogan (1893)
Fat Freddie Fitzsimmons (1901)
Morrie Silver (1909)
Harry Dalton (1928)
Ted Lepcio (1929)
Masaaki Koyama (1934)
Marty Brennaman (1942)
Vida Blue (1949)
Wayne Krivsky (1954)
Carmelo Martinez (1960)
Bob Milacki (1964)
Derek Lee (1966)

Bullet Joe Rogan, given name Charles Wilber Rogan, was a star in the Negro Leagues from 1920-1938.

Morrie Silver is credited with having saved baseball in Rochester when the St. Louis Cardinals threatened to drop their team there.  He is a member of the International League Hall of Fame.

Harry Dalton was the general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Masaaki Koyama won 320 games in Japan, third on the all-time list.

Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman has been with the Cincinnati Reds since 1974.

Wayne Krivsky was an assistant general manager of the Twins until 2006, when he became the general manager of Cincinnati.  He has since returned to the Twins as an assistant to the general manager.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to MagUidhir’s brother.

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Happy Birthday–July 27

Davy Force (1846)
Joe Tinker (1880)
Rube Walberg (1896)
Biz Mackey (1897)
Benny Bengough (1898)
Zack Taylor (1898)
Leo Durocher (1905)
Kazuto Tsuruoka (1916)
Ray Boone (1923)
Harry Wendelstedt (1938)
Larry Biittner (1945)
Bump Wills (1952)
Rich Dauer (1952)
Brian Kingman (1954)
Shane Rawley (1955)
Len Barker (1955)
Dave Dombrowski (1956)
Tom Goodwin (1968)
Shane Bowers (1971)
Enrique Wilson (1973)
Alex Rodriguez (1975)
Tsuyoshi Nishioka (1984)

Biz Mackey was a star in the Negro Leagues from 1923-1945.

Kazuto Tsuruoka was a star in Japan from 1939-1952 and was a very successful manager from 1953-1966.

Harry Wendelstedt was a National League umpire from 1966-1998.

Dave Dombrowski has been the general manager of the Montreal Expos, the Florida Marlins, and the Detroit Tigers.

We would also like to wish a very happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Rowsdower.

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Minor Details: Games of July 25

A bad first inning dooms the Red Wings.  The Lookouts hold off a comeback attempt.  The Miracle gets fine pitching in splitting a doubleheader.  Sam Gibbons and two relievers produce a shutout for Cedar Rapids.  Cody Stashak continues to pitch well for the E-Twins.  The DSL Twins win a blowout.

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Happy Birthday–July 26

Sam Breadon (1876)
Sad Sam Jones (1892)
Brick Eldred (1892)
Larry Woodall (1894)
Paul Gallico (1897)
Alex Radcliffe (1905)
Sam Leslie (1905)
Ellis Kinder (1914)
Jimmy Bloodworth (1917)
Sibby Sisti (1920)
Hoyt Wilhelm (1922)
Norm Siebern (1933)
Pete Ward (1937)
Ken Kaiser (1945)
Jody Reed (1962)
Greg Colbrunn (1969)
Joaquin Benoit (1977)
Alex Burnett (1987)

Sam Breadon owned the St. Louis Cardinals from 1917-1947.

Brick Eldred got over two thousand hits in the Pacific Coast League, playing there thirteen years.

Paul Gallico was a sportswriter from 1919-1936.  He went on to become a noted writer and is best known as the author of The Poseidon Adventure.

The brother of Double Duty Radcliffe, Alex Radcliffe played in the Negro Leagues from 1932-1946 and played in eleven all-star games.

Ken Kaiser was an American League umpire from 1977-1999.

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