Happy Birthday–September 27

Whit Wyatt (1907)
Dick Hall (1930)
Dave Wickersham (1935)
Gary Sutherland (1944)
Mike Schmidt (1949)
Bob Veselic (1955)
Don Schulze (1962)
Todd Blyleven (1972)
Vicente Padilla (1977)
Jon Rauch (1978)
Jon Garland (1979)

Todd Blyleven is, as you probably know, the son of Bert Blyleven. He pitched in the minor leagues for seven years, getting as high as AA, then was a scout for eight years.

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Happy Birthday–September 26

Due to personal time constraints, this is a reprint from last year which has not been updated.

Gus Schmelz (1850)
Bob Coleman (1890)
Bobby Shantz (1925)
Mel McGaha (1926)
Dave Duncan (1945)
Jim Gideon (1953)
Rich Gedman (1959)
Steve Buechele (1961)
Dave Martinez (1964)
Brian Shouse (1968)
Brian Looney (1969)

Gus Schmelz managed several teams in the late 19th century.  He is one of the few who became a manager without having played professionally.

Bob Coleman managed in the minor leagues for thirty-five years.  He had the most wins as a minor league manager when he retired, 2,496, a mark since passed by Stan Wasiak.

Former Knicks player Mel McGaha was the manager of the Kansas City Athletics from 1964-1965.

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FMD: A Morning Show “bit” that I actually enjoyed

The 89.3 morning show is generally more 'miss' than 'hit,' but sometimes it works. This morning was one of those: on Fridays, they do a "Song War" where each host selects a song and plays a 15-20 second clip of it. Of note, neither host knows ahead of the clip which song the other is queuing up. The audience chooses which one they'd prefer to hear in its entirety and votes via Twitter. This morning, the selections were a bit out of leftfield for The Current.* :

A: Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills


B: Helmet - Unsung

*I was stoked and almost pulled over to send a text to cheaptoy. Decided instead to use it for FMD!

Was going to set up a poll, but having never done so before, didn't know how to do it... so, which would be your choice? A or B?

Drop you choice and list below!

BTW, the listeners selected:

Spoiler SelectShow

Happy Birthday–September 23

Heinie Wagner (1880)
Lefty Stewart (1900)
Jim Rooker (1942)
Woody Woodward (1942)
Dennis Lamp (1952)
Jim Morrison (1952)
Tony Fossas (1957)
Jim Winn (1959)
Pete Harnisch (1966)
Jeff Cirillo (1969)
Brent Abernathy (1977)
Mike Gosling (1980)
Matt Kemp (1984)
Joba Chamberlain (1985)
Trevor May (1989)

Left-hander Tony Fossas was drafted by the Twins in the ninth round in 1978, but did not sign.

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Happy Birthday–September 22

Doc Powers (1870)
Hooks Dauss (1889)
Urban Shocker (1890)
Ira Flagstead (1893)
Harry Walker (1918)
Bob Lemon (1920)
Tommy Lasorda (1927)
Ken Aspromonte (1931)
Jim Fairey (1944)
Larry Dierker (1946)
Jeffrey Leonard (1955)
Wally Backman (1959)
Vince Coleman (1961)
Bob Geren (1961)
Mark Guthrie (1965)
Mike Matheny (1970)

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Spookymilk’s oldest daughter.

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