Target Field - Minnesota Twins

Game 98: Yes, baseball is still being played! Join the Game Log for some fun!

Start time: 7:10
Weather: warm and humid
Fan pulse: ________^________

CLE TJ House 1-2, 4.40 ERA. 8 starts
MIN Kris Johnson 0-1, 5.40 ERA 2 starts

We are knee deep in the dog days of summer. Todays weather finally reminded us of that. There are other signs: lots of coworkers on vacation, county fairs and town festivals every weekend, only the diehards left cheering on the local baseball team as they limp towards another disappointing season.

Who are these fellas pitching tonight? TJ House is left handed, in his first Major League season, and his longest outing is 6.2 innings. Baseball-Reference tells me Kris Johnson has started two games for the Twins this season. I remember watching the games, but I'll be darned if I can recall anything about those games. Maybe Im scared by Ricky Nolasco giving up two out runs so many times this year.... I dont know.


Happy Birthday–July 21

Johnny Evers (1881)
Howie Shanks (1890)
Moe Drabowsky (1935)
John Bateman (1940)
Denis Menke (1940)
Mike Hegan (1942)
Jim Manning (1943)
John Hart (1948)
Al Hrabosky (1949)
Mike Cubbage (1950)
Dave Henderson (1958)
Mike Bordick (1965)
Lance Painter (1967)
Kimera Bartee (1972)
Brian Buchanan (1973)
Geoff Jenkins (1974)
Willie Eyre (1978)
C. C. Sabathia (1980)

John Hart was the general manager of the Cleveland Indians from 1999-2001 and of the Texas Rangers from 2001-2005.

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Photo courtesy of Matthew Deery

Game 97: Rays at Twins

Despite their current place in the AL East standings, the Rays have been pretty hot lately, winning 15 of their last 20 games. The Twins, on the other, wanted to believe that winning 5 of 6 before the All Star break meant they'd be in a position to pressure the front office into avoiding being "Sellers" at the trade deadline. Unfortunately, they have spent the past 2 games searching for offense, combining for 11 hits on Friday and Saturday.

The Twins send Kevin Correia to the mound (5-11, 4.61). Since June 5  he has a 2.30 ERA (seven starts). Unfortunately, he's only 3-4 in those games as he hasn't receive much run support, including none in three straight outings at one point before a win over Colorado on July 12.

The Rays send Chris Archer (5-5, 3.41 ERA)  to the mound.

Starflyer 59 – No New Kinda Story

We'll close out with another old favorite. Starflyer 59 started out as a straight up shoegaze band in 1993, but they they've morphed album by album from a sort of dream pop band to more of a "normal" indie pop/rock act. The lead singer, Jason martin, is the only constant within the band, with other members usually only staying for an album or two..

This song catches them in their middle, more dreamy phase.

Thanks for watching this week!

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Happy Birthday–July 20

Heinie Manush (1901)
Bob Short (1917)
Mike Ilitch (1929)
Dick Stello (1934)
Tony Oliva (1938)
Mickey Stanley (1942)
Mike Witt (1960)
Charles Johnson (1971)
Bengie Molina (1974)
Jason Miller (1982)
Alexi Casilla (1984)
Stephen Strasburg (1988)

Bob Short owned the second Washington Senators franchise and moved them to Texas.  He also owned the Minneapolis Lakers and moved them to Los Angeles.

Mike Ilitch purchased the Detroit Tigers in 1992.

Dick Stello was a National League umpire from 1968-1987, when he died in a car accident.

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Happy Birthday–July 19

Jim Donnelly (1865)
Harry Davis (1873)
Earl Hamilton (1891)
Bob Meusel (1896)
Mark Koenig (1904)
Jackie Hayes (1906)
Phil Cavarretta (1916)
Billy Gardner (1927)
Jayson Stark (1951)
Dan Graham (1954)
Mark Carreon (1963)
David Segui (1966)
Gus Gandarillas (1971)
Preston Wilson (1974)
Yorvit Torrealba (1978)
Rick Ankiel (1979)

Jayson Stark is a long-time baseball writer and ESPN commentator.

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