Happy Birthday–July 24

Tommy McCarthy (1863)
Jack Clements (1864)
Joe Schultz (1893)
Cotton Nash (1942)
Mike Port (1945)
Shigeru Takada (1945)
Mike Adams (1948)
Jerry Augustine (1952)
Barry Bonds (1964)
Joe Oliver (1965)
Jim Wolf (1969)
Brent Stentz (1975)

Outfielder Joe Schultz, who played in parts of eleven major league seasons, is the father of the Joe Schultz made famous by Jim Bouton in Ball Four.  He is also a cousin to big-leaguers Hanz and Frank Lobert.

Mike Port is a long-time major league baseball executive, serving as the general manager of the California Angels from 1984-1991.

Shigeru Takada was a star in Japan from 1968-1980.  He also was a manager, general manager, and television commentator.

Jim Wolf has been a major league umpire since 1999.

Pitcher Brent Stentz did not play in the majors, but was in the Twins’ minor league system from 1997-2001.  In 1998, he set an Eastern League record with 43 saves.

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Game 97: twins @ red sox

I like old ballparks. I mean, I like unique ballparks in general, but the crazy angles and quirks of Fenway make it look like something out of a different era. This is not a major league ballpark, it's a relic, and that's kind of awesome. Target Field and Petco and the post-Camden parks are great places to catch a ballgame, but there's something pretty cool about Fenway.

Nolasco vs. Price doesn't seem like a particularly good matchup for Twins fans, but who knows? Price doesn't throw a knuckleball, and Nolasco might let them hit it into the hands of our defense...but he might win anyway!

Twins on Leaderboards

Triples - Buxton - t-7th (4)
Walks - Mauer - t-3rd (54)*
Strikeouts - Sano - t-9th (94)
Stolen Bases - Núñez - 3rd (23)
Singles - Núñez - t-6th (77)
Hit By Pitch - Dozier - t-7th (7)
Sacrifice Bunts - Buxton - t-10th (3)
Sac Flies - Núñez - t-5th (5)
Sac Flies - Dozier - t-8th (4)
Intentional Walks - Mauer - t-3rd (8)
Caught Stealing - Santana - 1st (8)*
Caught Stealing - Núñez - t-4th (6)
Steal Success % - Núñez - 10th (79.31%)
Power/Speed - Núñez - 5th (15.8)

  • I've been worried about Mauer, but this, at least, is an encouraging sign
  • Successful 11 times. Well past time to put up a stop sign.

BB/9 - Nolasco - 7th (1.962)
Games Pitched - Pressley - t-2nd (47)
Complete Games - Santana & Hughes - t-4th (1)
Shutouts - Santana - t-2nd (1)
Hits Allowed - Nolasco - 5th (130)
Earned Runs Allowed - Nolasco - 6th (64)
Wild Pitches - May - t-3rd (8)*

  • I still find this funny. A reliever, who's missed time... 3rd in a counting stat (a negative one, but still)

Hello Saferide “Anna”

With Jill Johnson, on Jill's Veranda, Somewhere in Sweden, Late 2015/Early 2016
(Here billed as Annika Norlin, which probably is easier because she sings songs in English as "Hello Saferide" and in Swedish as "Säkert!", but as Säkert! did an album of English translations of her originally Swedish songs.)
So until I found this, I hadn't seen anything visual from Norlin worth sharing. This makes up for that and more. Fantastic performance, awesome song. If she's not up for more writing in English, an album of Americana self-covers a la Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's Sings Greatest Palace Music would be equally cool. She hasn't toured the US since I learned of her. Would I drive to Chicago if she did again that was the nearest show? Probably, and this video strengthens that.

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Happy Birthday–July 23

Ginger Beaumont (1876)
Hod Ford (1897)
Jimmie Wilson (1900)
Ival Goodman (1908)
Ray Scarborough (1917)
Pee Wee Reese (1918)
Johnny Groth (1926)
Anthony Gubicza (1928)
Bert Convy (1933)
Don Drysdale (1936)
Dean Look (1937)
Hank Allen (1940)
Chuck Crim (1961)
Nomar Garciaparra (1973)

Anthony Gubicza, a pitcher in Class D and C leagues from 1950-1951, is the father of Mark Gubicza.

Actor/singer/game show host Bert Convy was an outfielder in Class D and C leagues from 1951-1952.

White Sox’ catcher Dean Look is the brother of ex-Twin Bruce Look.

Outfielder Hank Allen, who played for Washington, Milwaukee, and the White Sox, is the brother of Dick Allen and Ron Allen.

There do not appear to be any major league players with connections to the Minnesota Twins who were born on this day.

Happy Birthday–July 22

Pebbly Jack Glasscock (1857)
George Gibson (1880)
Jesse "Pop" Haines (1893)
Doc Cramer (1905)
Jungle Jim Rivera (1922)
Sparky Lyle (1944)
Bill Zepp (1946)
Cliff Johnson (1947)
Tim Johnson (1949)
Scott Sanderson (1956)
Dave Stieb (1957)
Mike Sweeney (1973)
Scot Shields (1975)
Ryan Vogelson (1977)

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to brianS’ brother.

The pastor who took over for me in the North Sioux City church is a nephew to Jesse Haines.

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Game 95: The Last Place Minnesota Twins at The First Place Boston Red Sox

Minnesota has gone 10-6 in July, winning two series' against the West-leading Rangers and three out of four against Oakland. They didn't really get the offense going in their first series back following the All Star Break (against Cleveland), scored no runs on Monday, had one big inning on Tuesday (5 runs) and another crooked number in the 9th yesterday (3 runs) to notch a series win against the 2nd place Tigers.

In Boston to face the Red Sox (1st in the East, 53-39, 8-2 in their past 10) for the next four games, the Twins start the series with a rebounding Tyler Duffey on the mound. Duffey is 3-0 in his last four starts with a 3.10 ERA, and Twins' wins in each of his past five starts.

Squaring off against the Twins for Boston is All Star knuckleballer Steven Wright (11-5, 2.78 ERA, 1.18 WHIP), winner of his past three games (though with an atrocious 6.35 ERA) and looking for continued support from an offense averaging 5.38 runs per game over the past dozen.

Read on if you care to learn more about the huge mistake the Twins made when they released David "Big Papi" Ortiz ... 14 years ago ...

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Happy Birthday–July 21

Johnny Evers (1881)
Howie Shanks (1890)
Moe Drabowsky (1935)
John Bateman (1940)
Denis Menke (1940)
Mike Hegan (1942)
Jim Manning (1943)
John Hart (1948)
Al Hrabosky (1949)
Mike Cubbage (1950)
Dave Henderson (1958)
Mike Bordick (1965)
Lance Painter (1967)
Kimera Bartee (1972)
Brian Buchanan (1973)
Geoff Jenkins (1974)
Willie Eyre (1978)
C. C. Sabathia (1980)

John Hart was the general manager of the Cleveland Indians from 1999-2001 and of the Texas Rangers from 2001-2005.

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Happy Birthday–July 20

Heinie Manush (1901)
Bob Short (1917)
Mike Ilitch (1929)
Dick Stello (1934)
Tony Oliva (1938)
Mickey Stanley (1942)
Mike Witt (1960)
Charles Johnson (1971)
Bengie Molina (1974)
Jason Miller (1982)
Alexi Casilla (1984)
Stephen Strasburg (1988)

Bob Short owned the second Washington Senators franchise and moved them to Texas.  He also owned the Minneapolis Lakers and moved them to Los Angeles.

Mike Ilitch purchased the Detroit Tigers in 1992.

Dick Stello was a National League umpire from 1968-1987, when he died in a car accident.

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