Happy Birthday–April 19

Bucky Walters (1909)
Hector Maestri (1935)
Rick Miller (1948)
Ed Hodge (1958)
R. J. Reynolds (1959)
Frank Viola (1960)
Spike Owen (1961)
Scott Kamieniecki (1964)
Brent Mayne (1968)
Jose Cruz (1974)
Joe Beimel (1977)
George Sherrill (1977)
Dennys Reyes (1977)
Joe Mauer (1983)
Zach Duke (1983)
Alberto Callaspo (1983)

Right-hander Hector Maestri was with the Washington franchise in 1960, making one appearance in the majors.  Before the 1961 season started, however, he was selected in the expansion draft by the new Washington franchise, for whom he made one more appearance in 1961.

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Eric Whitacre – Sleep


It's been a wonderful week digging up memories. Thinking back to all of the blogs and other Internet web sites I tracked 10 years ago – I don't know if I'm still in attendance at any but this one. Thanks for the memories, SBG & WGOM!

I'll end on a contemplative note. I grew up a bando and detested the choir. Vocal musicians just seemed lazy to me at the time. Over the years I've learned that there are some special things only choirs can do. "Sleep" is one of those special things. I've listened to few more beautiful pieces of music.

"Sleep" is here sung by a massive choir in orchestra hall, conducted by Whitacre himself.

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Game Log: Minnesota Wild @ St. Louis Blues, Game 2

Historical pessimism worked so well last time, so here's a few more nuggets.

  • The Minnesota Wild have only ever held a lead in a playoff series twice.
    • Once in 2003 when they won game 1 to lead 1-0 against the Avalanche.  They lost the next three games.
    • Once in 2008 when they won game 3 to lead 2-1 against the Avalanche.  They lost the next three games.
  • The Minnesota Wild have never played a home playoff game where they entered the game with a series lead.  (In actuality, they've never finished a home playoff game with a series lead, but that's a nugget for later in the series, I think)

Game 1 was a good game for the Wild, they just need to do that again.

Happy Birthday–April 18

Frank Navin (1871)
Sam Crawford (1880)
Duffy Lewis (1888)
Jack Scott (1892)
Steve Blass (1942)
Mike Paul (1945)
Doug Flynn (1951)
Bobby Castillo (1955)
Rich Bordi (1959)
Jim Eisenreich (1959)
Dennis Rasmussen (1959)
Steve Dunn (1970)
Rico Brogna (1970)
Brian Buscher (1981)
Miguel Cabrera (1983)
Billy Butler (1986)

Frank Navin was the owner of the Detroit Tigers from 1908-1935.

Rich Bordi was drafted by Minnesota in the fifth round in 1977, but did not sign.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Mrs. CarterHayes.

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Game 10 recap: Twins 3 Cleveland 2 (11 innings)

This game started with the current Cy Young Award winner pitching like  one and ended with Blaine Boyer getting more outs than base runners allowed and a Trevor Plouffe HR to win the game. Baseball is fun!

Mike Pelfrey.  He was a pretty poor sport about being sent to the bullpen during Spring Training. But, he just can't get past 5 innings. Does he not realize this? I know Im not breakingHe pitched OK today (5 innings, 1 run) but seemed to peter out by the 4th inning.

Corey Kluber had perfect game material. By the end of the 3rd inning, I thought it was going to happen. He got through the first 15 batter before Arcia got a solid single. Then TWINS BASEBALL happened. Wild pitch, then a single with a throwing error scoring Arcia, then a fielders choice, then a sac bunt (with Herrmann breaking for home, then going back to third when he realized he was going to be out Santana was safe at 1st) , then a wild pitch on strike 3 scores a run, then a IBB, then a double play to end the inning.

Things were pretty quiet after that, with a couple of situations arising but fires put out.

This game seemed destined to go about 15 innings and Chris Herrmann pitching his second inning and Torii Hunter catching but Trevor Plouffe ended it with a mammoth HR to left field and the locals win 3-2.



-According to b-r HR Tracker, this is Plouffe's first walk of HR.

- Plouffe has 9 career HR's against Cleveland. Only Kansas City (11) has given up more

-Plouffe has 37 career HRs at Target Field. That is the most. Shockingly, Jose Bautista does not have 52

-Joe Mauer was intentionally walked twice tonight. That gives him 117 for his career,  which is 8th most active and tied for 86th all time (Larry Walker and Ron Cey)

-Blaine Boyer got a win today, his first as a Twin. Other notable Twins pitcher with 1 win include Vance Worley, Kyle Waldrop, Luis Ayala, RA Dickey, Jim Hoey, and a host of others.

SCTV – Perry Como Still Alive

How many rules am I breaking here?

Watched this for the first time in years and just had to share it on a Saturday. My friend shared this with me years ago. It brings back memories of all the laughs we've shared; all the humor he has put in front of me over the years. Now he's a pastor – by way of The Brave New Workshop.

It's a crazy life.

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Game 10: Twins hosting Cleveland 7:10 pm.

The Twins are on a winning streak! Only two games but I'll take it.
Cy Young Award winning Corey Kluber throws for Cleveland. Since this years lineup is mostly the same as last year, lets go back and look what Kluber did against the Twins.
2014-09-21 @MIN W 8.0 7 2 2 1 14 0
2014-09-11 MIN W 8.1 8 2 2 0 7 0
2014-08-21 @MIN L 7.0 6 3 3 4 8 1

That jumbled mass of number says Kluber was very good against the locals.  Mike Pelfrey goes for Minnesota. Lets hope he makes it at least 6 innings and keeps the run total low.

Happy Birthday–April 17

Alexander Cartwright (1820)
Cap Anson (1852)
Tom Needham (1879)
Jake Daubert (1884)
Buzz Arlitt (1912)
Solly Hemus (1923)
Tsutomu Wakamatsu (1947)
Denny Walling (1954)
Craig Worthington (1965)
Marquis Grissom (1967)
Gary Bennett (1972)
Ryan Raburn (1981)

Alexander Cartwright was instrumental in developing the rules for the game of baseball.

Buzz Arlitt was a star in the low minors from 1934-1941, and probably would have been for several more years had World War II not intervened.  He had a career average of .319 with a slugging average of .480, but never played above Class C.

Tsutomu Wakamatsu was a star in Japan from 1971-1989, making the all-star team eleven times.  His career average of .319 is second to Leron Lee on the all-time list of players with at least four thousand at-bats.

There do not appear to be any major league players with connections to the Minnesota Twins who were born on this day.

Game Log: Minnesota Wild @ St. Louis Blues, GAME 1

How about some history?

  • The Minnesota Wild are 1-7 in games 1 of playoff series in franchise history (they've lost 7 in a row).
  • The Minnesota Wild are 8-18 in road playoff games in franchise history (they've lost 11 of their last 12).
  • The Minnesota Wild have never beat the St. Louis Blues in a playoff game in franchise history.
  • The Minnesota Wild are 7-18 in playoff games on days where the Twins won a baseball game (they are 11-11 if the Twins don't win or don't play)

OK, enough history.

I don't know what I think about this series, to be honest with you.  The Wild are certainly capable of beating the Blues, but I would say that it wouldn't take much for the Blues to beat the Wild as well.

Looking around I see a lot of people saying this series is too close to call and then picking the Blues.  The Wild have the advantage in goaltending and the penalty kill, but their power play just doesn't contribute and I can see that being a potential huge problem if the Blues find a way to get their own special teams rolling.

Still, if the goal totals stay low, I like the Wild's chances.

Either way, it's playoff hockey and therefore awesome.  Here we go!

Happy Birthday–April 16

Dutch Leonard (1892)
Paul Waner (1903)
Babe Phelps (1908)
Pete Hughes (1915)
Pete Suder (1916)
Joe Bauman (1922)
Rich Rollins (1938)
Bernie Allen (1939)
Garry Roggenburk (1940)
Jim Lonborg (1942)
Bob Montgomery (1944)
Bruce Bochy (1955)
Curt Young (1960)
Fernando Vina (1969)
Antonio Alfonseca (1972)
Kelly Dransfeldt (1975)

Pete Hughes was a star in the low minors from 1937-1952.  His incomplete career numbers are a .350 average and a .637 slugging percentage, but for some reason he never played above Class B.

Joe Bauman hit 72 home runs for Roswell in the Longhorn League in 1954.

Kelly Dransfeldt was drafted by Minnesota in the seventh round in 1993, but did not sign.

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Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.