Game 156: Minnesota 4, Cleveland 2


Facing the reigning Cy Young winner, Corey Kluber, the Twins swung early & often and their first five hits went: double (Mauer), double (Sano), homerun (Plouffe), double (Hunter), double (Rosario). These five players accounted for all eight of the hits for the Twins - Brian Dozier added a sacrifice fly and a BB, Herrrmaaann reached twice (BB & HBP) and Escobar also had a BB.

Eddie further celebrated his 24th Birthday with a couple of singles, going 3-4. Despite 114 K's to only 14 BB's, Rosario's had a very nice rookie year: .270/.290/.463 with 18 Doubles, 15 Triples, 12 Homeruns, 49 RBI's, 56 Runs and 11 Stolen bases.

Tommy Milone, tapped to start in place of an ill Phil Hughes a mere four hours before the game, rebounded nicely from his previous two starts at the beginning of September (the results of which - combined with Hughes' return from the DL and Duffy's effectiveness - caused a move to the bullpen). He gave Molitor & Co. 5 2/3 quality innings, allowing only two earned runs on four hits, no walks and four strikeouts. In the sixth, Kipnis blasted a fly ball to deep centerfield that it appeared Hicks had a play on. Instead, he leapt & missed it and the ball caromed off the wall, allowing Kipnis to reach third base. The Indian's rookie SS phenom, Francisco Lindor, then added his second RBI of the night (first was a 1st inning HR) by grounding out to SS. That was all they'd get as the Twins bullpen went on to shut the Cleveland lineup down. Boyer, Fien, Perkins & Jepsen pitched 3 1/3 innings of shutout baseball, allowing only two hits and striking out three (two by Perk-n-Play - yay!).

With this win, the Twins have guaranteed themselves the first .500 or better season in five years. Considering I couldn't find any/we didn't do any predictions this year, I'd say none of us expected much from this club to begin the season. That they're still in the playoff hunt with six games to play is a minor miracle.

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6 thoughts on “Game 156: Minnesota 4, Cleveland 2”

  1. Forgot to add that both the Angels and Astros won last night, so even with the win, the Twins did not make up any ground on the 2nd Wildcard spot. They still sit 1.5 games out of the playoffs with six games to play.

    1. But the Rangers lost. The Astros play the Diamondbacks next but the Rangers end with four games at home against the Angels. So, there's still a chance.

        1. I'd obviously like to see the Twins in the playoffs. Really, though, if the Twins play well over the last six games, say go 5-1, or even 4-2, and don't give away games that they should've won, I'll be okay with that. If it's not good enough, then we tip our caps to whoever wins and try again next year.

          1. Padre, you totes read my mind. I made a comment when the boyos were playing LAAAAAAAAAAAAA and lost a game they should have won about this being a goso kind of situation. I am really, really, really thrilled that our local 9 played this well though the season, and again you've stated this more elegantly than I could have by a mile.

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