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Happy Birthday–June 15

Babe Dahlgren (1912)
Bernice Gera (1931)
Mario Cuomo (1932)
Billy Williams (1938)
Ty Cline (1939)
Bruce Dal Canton (1941)
Ken Henderson (1946)
Champ Summers (1946)
Dusty Baker (1949)
Lance Parrish (1956)
Brett Butler (1957)
Wade Boggs (1958)
Tony Clark (1972)
Ramiro Mendoza (1972)
Andy Pettitte (1972)
Zach Day (1978)
Jeremy Reed (1981)
Tim Lincecum (1984)
Cliff Pennington (1984)
Trevor Plouffe (1986)
Eduardo Nunez (1987)
Jake Locker (1988)

Bernice Gera was the first female umpire in Organized Baseball, umpiring one game in the New York-Penn League in 1972.

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo was an outfielder for the Brunswick Pirates of the Georgia-Florida League in 1952.

Quarterback Jake Locker was drafted by the Angels as an outfielder in the tenth round in 2009.  He signed a contract with them, but never played a game of professional baseball.

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Game 156: Minnesota 4, Cleveland 2


Facing the reigning Cy Young winner, Corey Kluber, the Twins swung early & often and their first five hits went: double (Mauer), double (Sano), homerun (Plouffe), double (Hunter), double (Rosario). These five players accounted for all eight of the hits for the Twins - Brian Dozier added a sacrifice fly and a BB, Herrrmaaann reached twice (BB & HBP) and Escobar also had a BB.

Eddie further celebrated his 24th Birthday with a couple of singles, going 3-4. Despite 114 K's to only 14 BB's, Rosario's had a very nice rookie year: .270/.290/.463 with 18 Doubles, 15 Triples, 12 Homeruns, 49 RBI's, 56 Runs and 11 Stolen bases.

Tommy Milone, tapped to start in place of an ill Phil Hughes a mere four hours before the game, rebounded nicely from his previous two starts at the beginning of September (the results of which - combined with Hughes' return from the DL and Duffy's effectiveness - caused a move to the bullpen). He gave Molitor & Co. 5 2/3 quality innings, allowing only two earned runs on four hits, no walks and four strikeouts. In the sixth, Kipnis blasted a fly ball to deep centerfield that it appeared Hicks had a play on. Instead, he leapt & missed it and the ball caromed off the wall, allowing Kipnis to reach third base. The Indian's rookie SS phenom, Francisco Lindor, then added his second RBI of the night (first was a 1st inning HR) by grounding out to SS. That was all they'd get as the Twins bullpen went on to shut the Cleveland lineup down. Boyer, Fien, Perkins & Jepsen pitched 3 1/3 innings of shutout baseball, allowing only two hits and striking out three (two by Perk-n-Play - yay!).

With this win, the Twins have guaranteed themselves the first .500 or better season in five years. Considering I couldn't find any/we didn't do any predictions this year, I'd say none of us expected much from this club to begin the season. That they're still in the playoff hunt with six games to play is a minor miracle.

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Game 67 recap. Twins 7 Cubs 2.

Have the Twins turned a corner? After struggling the pick up wins in the last two weeks, the Twins have now rattled off 3 wins in a row as they beat the Cubs 7-2.

The Cubs defense gave the Twins some runs by playing clownball, but the Twins were hitting Cubs pitching hard all night long so in the end it didnt matter. Of the 26 hits the Twins have during this 3 game win streak, 13 of them have been for extra bases. Trevor Plouffe led the way with 2 doubles and 4 RBI. The only blemish was Plouffe being nabbed on the base paths twice. Joe Mauer looked like Joe Mauer with a hit and two walks (although one was a non intentional IBB). This were good for the offense and it was nice to see more than 2 or 3 runs scored in a inning/game

Phil Hughes was great tonight, only allowing 2 hits in 8 innings. Of course one of those hits was an Anthony Rizzo home runs because 1) Rizzo is good and 2) Phil Hughes is giving up a lot of home runs this season.  JR Graham pitch the ninth and gave up a Rizzo HR. Why cant the Twins have a young slugger on the team? Home runs are cool!

The Twins are now 37-30 and we in the homestretch to July. Its going to be hard to lose 90 games this year.


Game 10 recap: Twins 3 Cleveland 2 (11 innings)

This game started with the current Cy Young Award winner pitching like  one and ended with Blaine Boyer getting more outs than base runners allowed and a Trevor Plouffe HR to win the game. Baseball is fun!

Mike Pelfrey.  He was a pretty poor sport about being sent to the bullpen during Spring Training. But, he just can't get past 5 innings. Does he not realize this? I know Im not breakingHe pitched OK today (5 innings, 1 run) but seemed to peter out by the 4th inning.

Corey Kluber had perfect game material. By the end of the 3rd inning, I thought it was going to happen. He got through the first 15 batter before Arcia got a solid single. Then TWINS BASEBALL happened. Wild pitch, then a single with a throwing error scoring Arcia, then a fielders choice, then a sac bunt (with Herrmann breaking for home, then going back to third when he realized he was going to be out Santana was safe at 1st) , then a wild pitch on strike 3 scores a run, then a IBB, then a double play to end the inning.

Things were pretty quiet after that, with a couple of situations arising but fires put out.

This game seemed destined to go about 15 innings and Chris Herrmann pitching his second inning and Torii Hunter catching but Trevor Plouffe ended it with a mammoth HR to left field and the locals win 3-2.



-According to b-r HR Tracker, this is Plouffe's first walk of HR.

- Plouffe has 9 career HR's against Cleveland. Only Kansas City (11) has given up more

-Plouffe has 37 career HRs at Target Field. That is the most. Shockingly, Jose Bautista does not have 52

-Joe Mauer was intentionally walked twice tonight. That gives him 117 for his career,  which is 8th most active and tied for 86th all time (Larry Walker and Ron Cey)

-Blaine Boyer got a win today, his first as a Twin. Other notable Twins pitcher with 1 win include Vance Worley, Kyle Waldrop, Luis Ayala, RA Dickey, Jim Hoey, and a host of others.

Game Recap #44: Hughes Corporation 2, Sandy Yagos 0

People always talk about how offense is what brings in the fans.  And historically, that's been true.  You can track attendance and offense, and there's a pretty good correlation there.  And yes, I know correlation does not necessarily mean causation, but it does not necessarily not mean it, either.  Most fans, especially casual fans, like to see runs scored.

But you know, when you follow a team and their pitching staff has been as bad as the Twins' staff has in recent years, it's a lot of fun to see a low-scoring, well-pitched game.  And of course, it's a lot more fun to see that sort of game when you're winning it.  Recently, the Twins have won a good share of that sort of game.  And it's been a lot of fun.

Phil Hughes pitched last night, and while he might not have quite been dominant he was pretty close.  Seven innings, seven strikeouts, seven hits (all singles), only one man past second base.  And he needed to be that good, because the Twins only got four hits.  One of those hits was a home run by Plouffe, which was a big insurance run.  Somehow, they also got stolen bases from Mauer and Kubel.  One can only assume this was Gardy adapting to the National League style of ball.

It's been asked just how optimistic we can be about this team.  It seems to me that part of being a fan is to be overly optimistic.  Not 162-0 level optimistic, maybe, but still.  Every year, even Cubs fans start the season by thinking, "Maybe this will be the year."  And you know what?  Almost every year some team that everyone thought would be lousy comes up and contends all season.  Sometimes they make the playoffs.  Sometimes they even win the World Series.  In spring training of 1987, no one was giving the Twins a chance.  Ditto spring training of 1991, when they'd finished last the year before.  The 2001 Twins had been candidates for contraction, and they led for a good share of the season before fading at the end.  In fact, while you didn't have the sort of media then that we have now, I suspect no one gave the 1965 Twins much of a chance in spring training, either.

Now, does that mean this team is a World Series team?  No.  It doesn't mean anything of the sort.  What it does mean, though, is that you can't never always sometimes tell.  It's easy to look at those Twins teams in retrospect and say they were good teams.  At the time, though, no one really believed it until they started winning and kept winning.

I have no idea what's going to happen over the next four months.  What I know is that it's almost Memorial Day, and we're two games over .500.  If the season ended today, well, a lot of teams would be shocked, because they think there's 115-120 games left.  But if the season ended today, the Twins would finish second and would miss the playoffs by a half game.  Will that happen?  Who knows?  But it could happen.  It's possible.  So why not be optimistic about it?

Having swept San Diego, the Twins take a well-earned day off, then move up the coast to take on the San Franciscos for three games.  These two wins are, of course, the start of a season-ending 120-game winning streak.  We're still on track for 141-21!