Game 17: old senators @ new senators

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Caleb wrote that.  What he lacks in sound analysis, he makes up for with sheer exuberance.

With the season one tenth done already, we press on, hoping that the second tenth is better than the first.

It's our annual "outside chore day", so I don't have much time to put this together, so no Twins on Leaderboards. Suffice to say, Mauer ha looked a lot like his old self, Sano is heating up, and Nolasco has already provided more value this year than his first two seasons combined.

Hughes vs. Roark. Let's put last night behind us.

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    1. They oldest goes straight to the emoji and then it's truck truck truck truck car car car bus bus bus.

    1. I'm not sure they brought any bats. If so, they're not using them. Nine strikeouts in 3.2 innings for Roark.

          1. Twelve in 4.2. That one was Hughes, his second, but there have been ten non-Hughes strikeouts, too.

  1. Sano at third base today. I didn't hear a reason why. It makes me wonder if Plouffe!'s injury may be more serious than we've been led to believe. Of course, it could be that Molitor just wanted to get both Arcia and Rosario in the lineup.

  2. Dazzle, to get a bloop and a blast we'd have to actually make contact twice in the same inning. That's not looking likely the way things are going.

        1. You see, killbots have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them until they reached their limit and shut down.

  3. Provus said the Twins waived catcher John Hicks, and he was claimed by Detroit. He's twenty-six and doesn't look like much of a hitter. Maybe he's a defensive whiz--I have no idea about that--but the Twins aren't exactly hurting for light-hitting catchers.

        1. That was the guess, that David Murphy was coming up, but I didn't hear anything official. It's not a move that would thrill me. Murphy is 34, and while he wasn't awful last year he hasn't had a really good year since 2012. He's also hitting .138 in Rochester (29 at-bats), It would enable them to let Kepler go back to Rochester and play every day, but that's about the only plus I can see out of it.

  4. Fourteen strikeouts in six innings. And we get to face Strasburg tomorrow. What's the record for strikeouts in consecutive games?

    1. Still early in the season. I understand the concern, given his poor second half last year. But in 2013 he was hitting .214 through the end of May, and in 2014 he hit .216 in April, although with seven home runs. I've never been as high on him as some, but there's a lot of season left.

    2. We also have to remember hitting is down all over this season so far. AL average OPS is .702. Last year, it was .730. Over the last 365 days, Dozier has a .747 OPS. He went O for the Baltimore series and then since then has a .713 OPS coming into day.

  5. Roark was rather egalitarian with his strikeouts. Six players with two strikeouts and the other three with a single strikeout.

    1. Dozier and Mauer did their part to make it more equal. Everyone but Rosario with two now.

  6. I was also getting some outdoor chores done, but I'm having a real hard time getting motivated to pay much attention these days. It also looks like I haven't missed much. I think the strikeouts are making it even harder to get excited this year, more than just the ass bats.

    I did get everything done I wanted to get done though, although I still need to replace the backyard hose faucet since it is no longer capable of preventing water from flowing. I still worked hard enough this afternoon that I deserved this Otra Vez out here on the deck.

    1. Before today's game, they were only third in the league in batter strikeouts. Houston and Toronto lead by at least 20. Even the pitchers are ninth.

      1. It does seem like they've done better recently, but that first week and a half suck in my mind and I haven't been able to shake it.

        1. Yeah, they were really bad, then they got back to basically what they were last year, which wasn't good at strikeouts but better than they started.

        1. I enjoy a sour, but I've largely been avoiding the recent gose craze. I'll check out the otra vez at some point based on this thread.

          1. I really liked the Schell's gose, so Otra Vez looks like I'm gonna have to try it.

          2. I'm a big fan of the gose craze. I've never had one I didn't enjoy and they are absurdly refreshing.

  7. Well, it sucks to see the Twins get dominated by a guy we've never heard of, but either 8 Twins batters had a bad day or the 1 pitcher had a great day. I tend to lean toward the latter since it would seem much more likely, especially if the Twins have been hitting well of late, which they have.

      1. Should I have? He's never pitched against the Twins and he's made more than 12 starts in only 1 season in 2014. He was pretty good that year but he was basically replacement level last year. His career K/9 before today was 6.1

        1. I guess I was rooting for the Nats in 2014 and watched thir playoffs. I recall the announcers talking about him a lot, wondering if he could stay in the strong Nats rotation after that season.

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