59 thoughts on “2019 Game 13 (For Real This Time) – Toronto Blue Jays vs. Minnesota Twins”

        1. Little bit of both.

          Partially to help mitigate [against colder weather], the Twins will experiment next season with a 6:40 p.m. start time for home midweek games in April, May and September. There will be 15 such games on the schedule as the Twins seek to get fans back home a little sooner on school nights as the average game time continues to rise around the game.

  1. I actually like Black Jack's take on Polanco's sidearm thing. It might not be, strictly speaking, the ideal throwing motion, but he's got more confidence when he throws it that way, and that's more important.

    1. That is to say I know if you swing and miss but the ball hits you, it's a strike. But I'm not sure if the hands are considered part of the bat. I believe the umpire got this one right.

        1. Unless it's a moot point. Hit-by-pitch is reviewable, but if you swung, it doesn't matter. And whether or not the ball hit the bat on a swing is not reviewable.

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