Game 14 : Twins in the Bronx. 6:05pm central time zone start time

It would be cool to have another big time first inning tonight. The Yankees are off to a great start to the season, sitting at 8-5. Yet they are already 5 games back in the standings due to Tampa's even hotter start. The Twins (9-4) are in first in the AL Central two games ahead of Cleveland.
Louie Varland gets his first start of the season after getting called up yesterday

35 thoughts on “Game 14 : Twins in the Bronx. 6:05pm central time zone start time”

  1. Hey, dw's gamelog PH BA is 1.000

    I'd be fine with the Twins piling up several runs and then playing to a tie the rest of the game like last night.

  2. Varland wore #49 last year this year he is #37

    Other famous Twins 37s include Juan Centeno, Jim Hoey, Adam Johnson, and Mike Pelfrey

  3. These road pinstripes have grown on me. I was not interested in bringing them back, but I like the more subtle stripe and the contrast of the red against them.

  4. It always throws me for a loop when big ol Aaron Judge is patrolling CF.

    LaTroy just mad the same comment 😆

    1. Eight strikeouts and only one walk bodes very well. Six hits but unfortunately half have left the bandbox.

  5. Yesterday the Twins bludgeoned the Yankees for 11 runs. Today they come back against the bullpen and hold on for the win. Who is this team and please keep this up.

  6. I will say, logging into and the lede story is about the back-to-back Yankme’s HRs had me … irritated. Imagine my surprise to select the ‘Scores’ tab and find the Twins with a come from behind win!-)

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