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FMD — How do you listen?

Listening to music has changed a lot over my lifetime, especially over the last 5-10 years. When I was a teen, we'd go to friends' houses, just to listen to music. We'd have a bunch of albums out and play music while we pored over the album covers, lyrics, and liner notes. When I was home I had a nice set up with headphones and a bean bag chair.

Walkmans, CDs, Napster, Ipods, Zune, streaming, phones, and now smart speakers have changed all that. My kids never had friends over to listen to music.

I really dug the .mp3 player and remember when the little Samsung device I picked up (and still have) played 125 songs. It was glorious. I have gone through many Ipods and still listen to one today as I really haven't downloaded music on to a I-phone. It makes me sad that that the I-pod is being phased out and when my current one eventually dies, that will probably be it. I also haven't invested in cordless speakers either as I no longer listen to music while biking or walking the dog, etc. Besides the I-pod, I listen at home via my Mac and Itunes via a nice Sony blue tooth sound system.

I've been thinking of signing up for Apple Music and just accessing music from my phone/watch lately which has gotten me nostalgic. So HOW do you consume music. Is it just through your phone and bluetooth speakers? Any other Ipod users still out there? Anyone gone completely old school and vinyl only?

FMD – New Tunes

As mentioned yesterday, I've been surfing a premium streaming service, which is basically a first for me. I don't think I'll use it for suggestions, but more to chase down the thousands of things I hear of and want to hear.

I kind of wonder where I pick up all this music along the way. Don't listen to any music radio (though NPR is good for new suggestions), not getting any from anyone at work. I guess most of my inspiration to check out new stuff comes from here. Either from the FMD (the few of you that still post 10s), or trying to find something interesting for the daily video post. Amusingly, I've gotten myself into a ton of stuff by running down something new to play. I'll post something the night before, find it's still stuck in my head in the morning, and then we go from there.

Where do you pick up most of your inspiration to pick out new music?


Given CH's FKB this week, is there a particular song or genre that relieves your stress or helps put you back in a functional state of mind?

Not holding myself to anything, but somewhere back in the day while deployed I pulled a burned CD of Jimmy Buffet songs out of a care package. I've never been much of a beach guy, though I love a good lake day, but listening to Jimmy Buffet will dial me down a bit.

FMD — Travel Music

Today I'll be off on my annual 175-mile weekend bike trip on the Paul Bunyan trail. It's a lot of fun and even though I will burn probably over 10,000 calories riding my bike, I will also consume close to that same amount of beer (and food).

I'm long past the day when I would listen to music while I rode, way too dangerous for this guy with all the distracted drivers out there but I know people who still do. But it got me thinking about travel music. Is there a certain band or kind of music you like to listen to while traveling? For me driving doesn't matter, I can take any kind of music. However, for some reason I have always thought R.E.M. goes well with train travel. Back when I lived out east and also was in Europe, I would always listen to R.E.M., it just kind of brought me back in time and was complimentary to the motion of the train.

Any specific travel music you enjoy? Or not. Don't forget to drop your lists.

FMD: 6/15/18 – You Be The Judge

I was in court all morning, so this post was much delayed.

Given the context of the delay, I'm asking you to be the judge... what music do you judge people for listening to/liking? Both favorable and unfavorable. This could be fun, right?

For example, I judge people for listening to Christmas music too early, and then turning it off immediately after Christmas too. Or I judge them harshly for liking "Last Christmas" at all. There are non-Christmas examples too, I suppose. Stop hassling me.

Or you don't really have to do this if you don't want. You could just drop a list. I'm not one to judge.

FMD — Liz Phair

Liz Phair was at the Turf Club this past Monday. Since the Turf Club only holds 350 people it sold out immediately and I was bummed I couldn't get tix (or was unwilling to pay $150 for a ticket). By all accounts a great show. This was a short little tour of smaller clubs (her L.A. gig was in a 150 seat bar) and is basically a warm up for a larger tour that will hit First Avenue in September (also immediately sold out). Phair has somewhat kept in the public eye and has done some touring, but for some reason has seemed to spark more interest lately than in the immediate past. Not sure why, but it's welcome.

Any other acts, still around, you'd wish would have a second half career resurgence?

Drop your lists.

FMD – Holiday Schedules?

Perhaps the regularly scheduled author was like me...thinking that Friday features were pushed back? Last night, I rousted myself out of bed at 11:45 pm because I'd neglected to put the trash can out for Friday morning pickup. Got back into the house and realized, "Monday was a holiday. Pickup is delayed a day. I could have stayed in bed."

Drop(kick)* your lists.

*Sunday night at the Armory!

FMD — The Current’s Essential 893

As part of their Spring Member Drive The Current did a list! The 893 most essential songs. Apparently they got in over 4,000 entries with nearly 12,000 different songs. No surprises at the top as Purple Rain takes honors, Bohemian Rhapsody 2nd, and Heroes third. I had 2 songs place in the 893 (Bastards of Young, Into the Mystic). Of course I have quibbles all over the place but was surprised that 20th Century Boy by T Rex didn't make the list at all. That is practically the definition of an essential rock song. Also I would've thought that I Am a Scientist and Motor Away from Guided By Voices would have been in the 500s or 600s. But that's just me.

Here's the entire 893

Comments? Drop your list (it doesn't have to be 893 songs long, but I'm not stopping you).

FMD 5/11/18: The Last Song You’ll Ever/Never Hear

So say you were dying, in as nice a way as possible, and you could kind of pick any song to fade out to... what song would you pick?

And, for that matter, what song would you want them to carry you out to/play at the cemetery/as your ashes are spread/etc.? You'll not hear that one, but others will associate it with you. What would pick?

And, yeah, I suppose I did a funeral music topic once upon a time, but hopefully this is a distinct enough topic: not just end-of-life songs, but truly last songs.