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FMD 4/6/18: “I Can Sing A Rainbow”, Or “What Songs With Orange?”

My kids are always singing made up songs. They often involve colors. Today, I issue the challenge that everyone come up with a color list of songs. Just 1 song for each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. No repeating songs someone else has already used. If you blank on one, that's okay, come back to it later, or not at all.

Let's see if this works?

Also, drop your list, or discuss music. It's all good.

FMD 03/30/18 – Bucket List Bands

I made a random 10 and saw there was nowhere to put it, so... hi!

I saw Hot Snakes on the 16th after waiting to see them 14 years. They were one of the bands I figured I'd never have a chance to see live, a shocking number of which I've actually had a chance to see. I think the two left on my list are the pAper chAse (extremely unlikely) and Butthole Surfers (mayyyybe). Do you have any artists like this on your list still? Drop your lists.

FMD – Is It Music?

Our little guy has really been excited about music over the last few months.  We've had a whole bunch of discussions about what is or is not music.  So we've watched STOMP, found some hambone solos, listened to some ambient compositions, and some harshly modern classical stuff.  Almost everything gets judged as "music".

I've been really surprised at how much he's into the atonal, non-melodic things.  The kid loves all the KidzBop stuff as well, but pretty consistently he requests "that one where it sounds like nature" (John Luther Adams - The Wind in High Places).

Anyway, what music (or not music) are you listening to?


"I'll respect any artist who is more engaged with the process of creation and distribution than they are engaged with the celebrity mode of, you know, being focused on what the press is after, or trying to calculate moves, or being Father John Misty, or that sort of thing."

-Will Toledo (Car Seat Headrest)

Friday Music Day — EAB

The Series Vinyl on HBO was a bit a mess and got cancelled after one season, which is too bad because the music was bad ass and it was starting to find its feet in the last couple of episodes. The scene below was pretty good. Great representation on how most music follows a basic structure. Or you could just argue that every song is just a variation of Maybelline. Warning video below has some swears.

Drop your lists. Source Chuck Berry when you do.

FMD: 20180223

Completely cleared my iPod and built it back up from scratch, in preparation for a family road trip to the Outer Banks of NC.
The kids and wife don't need the dozen hours each of Aaron Dilloway, Pan Sonic, Alice Coltrane, etc.
But I also need to be aware of content and language. (For reference: kids are ages 6-14.5)

FMD — Wither CDs?

There was an article this week that Best Buy will stop selling CDs sometime this summer. I'm sure Spooky has good insider info on this but its no surprise, the CD section in BB has been shrinking for years. Quite the switch from maybe 10 years ago when there were aisles of CDs. It was the place to go to get a wide variety of music.

The article also stated that Target is still selling CDs but increasingly asking the label companies to provide the discs on consignment so that they aren't holding unsold music.

Do you still buy CDs? If so from where? If not, do you just stream or download music from iTunes, etc. Or have you have gone all vinyl? I'm a mix of buying CDs, streaming, and downloading. If I stream something enough, I typically go and a acquire it. I also still get music from the library as well.

Drop your lists.