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2012 Game 120: Twins at Mariners

Today, Sam Deduno faces Blake Beavan in a matchup where the rest of the country goes "Who the hell are those guys?"

Beavan is a prototypical Twins pitcher - in fact, he might be more of a Twin that most current Twins are - he doesn't strike out many, but his walk rate is outstanding (1.14 per 9 innings). He does give up his fair share of homers, with 17 so far in 102 innings. He's a thoroughly beatable righty, so I assume this is the game the Twins were planning on winning from this series all along.

Meanwhile, my interest has waned a bit, with Chelsea's season starting today and (fantasy) football starting soon. But they're the only Twins I have, so I'll be around for what's become the rare game that doesn't happen when I'm scheduled to work. And hey, after that, I can watch the all-important Red Sox-Yankees game tonight because it's the only game on at the time!!!

The Twins may not be interesting right now, but the playoffs always are. With one quarter of the season left, here's what you've got if it ended today:

(1) Yankees vs. (4) Rays or (5) A's
(2) Rangers vs. (3) White Sox
(1) Nationals vs. (4) Braves or (5) Pirates
(2) Reds vs. (3) Giants

There are a lot of close races, and this still looks like a lot of fun (Yankees excepted).

Go Twins...give me a game worth seeing, at least.

Game 100 recap: Twins 12 Cleveland 5

For the most part, the offense has been good the season. Sure there was that no hitter, and the team has been shutout several times. But all and all, good. But, the Twins are throwing out pitchers you would only recognize if you read the JeffA's minor league recaps on a regular basis: Samuel Deduno, Tyler Robertson, Luis Perdomo, the list goes on.

Tonight, Deduno was effectively wild: giving up 2 hits, walking 5, striking out 6 in 7 innings. Is he a long term solution to the pitching staff? Probably not. But it sure if fun to watch batters flail at his nasty curveball.

After hitting (what seemed like) a million groundballs to Jason Kipnis, Josh Willingham mashed a homer in the 4th to get the Twins on the board and take a 2-1 lead. Willingham is having quite a season: that was HR number 27 and 2 RBI gives him 78 and its not even August. Dick Bremer said he going to hit right around 35 HRs'. More like 40-45 and 120ish RBI. And surprisingly, is only 1 walk behind Mauer for the team lead.

Alex Casilla pulled a rabbit out of his hat and had a double and a triple and knocked in 4 (first 4 RBI game since Oct 2 2010) and the Twins breezed to a 12-5 win. Luis Perdomo made his Twins debut and looked shaky and the Tribe scored some run to make the box score look better.

The Twins are now in FORTH PLACE in the AL Central and only 8.5 games back of Cleveland for 3rd. The Twins will try to go for a sweep Sunday 1:10pm. Join the game log, because they have been rocking lately.