2014 Game 25: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Minnesota Twins – Matinee

The first of two games scheduled for today, though time will tell if we even get through one of them...

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Minnesota Twins
(15-12)                                             (12-12)
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
12:10 PM CT

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Los Angeles Dodgers Starting Lineup
1. Gordon, 2B
2. Puig, RF
3. Ramirez, SS
4. Gonzalez, 1B
5. Kemp, DH
6. Ethier, CF
7. Uribe, 3B
8. Olivo, C
9. Crawford, LF

Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Dozier, 2B
2. Mauer, 1B
3. Plouffe, 3B
4. Kubel, LF
5. Pinto, DH
6. Suzuki, C
7. Fuld, RF
8. Hicks, CF
9. Escobar, SS

Probable Starting Pitchers
Daniel John Haren
3-0, 2.03 ERA
Michael Alan Pelfrey
0-2, 7.32

*Photo courtesy of Jason DeRusha

60 thoughts on “2014 Game 25: Los Angeles Dodgers v. Minnesota Twins – Matinee”

  1. Forecast looks good for not getting lots of rain. This game might be rain free and this evening's should be. Then we're done with rain until next week.

  2. I was sad I have a meeting from 1:00-2:30 today, but Pelf is pitching so I guess I don't really care anymore. God I hate that guy. DFA him.

    1. If he's DFA'd, that gives another team the chance to claim him for that salary?
      GitRDune Billy Smiith

      1. If he's claimed. The Twins must have Pelfrey's consent to assign him to the minors. If he refuses, or the Twins just release him, then they are responsible for his salary minus the major league minimum if another team signs him.

          1. I would guess high. I'm not sure another team would actually sign him, but I think he takes that risk.

    1. The 1 run per inning pitched is the ratio that I'm eagerly awaiting. He's getting close...

      1. Yeah, I'm gonna side with Rhu's cynicism on this one. If his previous body of work this year combined with Meyer's season so far wasn't enough.....

        1. We've had some really bad vets on one-year deals and they almost always had at least 6 weeks before they were pulled out of the rotation. The whole rotation has not been good, but Pelfrey has been the worst, but the entire rotation struggles put more pressure on the Twins to bring up Meyer, who has been dominating. We'll see how long the Twins wait. The two rainouts gave the bullpen lots of rest, so Pelfrey will probably get at least one more start.

  3. Is Pelfrey regressing to the mean? Or just regressing? (I haven't been watching. Just adding my snark.)

  4. Ok... the replay to me looked like Dozier was clearly safe at second... how do they blow that call?

  5. Just watched the replay of Ethier's catch. Nice cut by Fuld, but that was a great running grab by the CF.

  6. Regarding Pelfrey: via fangraphs, his velocity seems to be down noticeably (1+ mph) across all pitches. He's also throwing more fastballs than he did last year. Given his utterly terrible numbers across the board, my vote is for "he's done" or "he's injured." At this point in his career, it could be either.

    1. And my opinion of that would be that, if he's done he should be sent away to make room for a young guy or if he's injured he should be sent away for not disclosing that (unless its the training staff telling him he's ok to throw) and hurting the team.

      Either way, Alex Meyer please.

    2. I was wondering if he was injured, but there hasn't been a whisper of that anywhere that I've seen. Whatever the case, the Twins have to do something with him- stick him on the DL, DFA him, fire him into the sun- I'm sure they can come up with something.

      1. It seems like moving a struggling starter to the bullpen has completely gone away as an option. I can't say I would know all the Twins' bullpen pitchers without checking, but putting him in long relief for a little while might allow you to see if he'd improve under some low leverage conditions.

        1. I guess I didn't think of that. If the Twins wanted to flip-flop Pelf and Deduno, I think that would be a reasonable solution that would probably improve the situation for all involved.

          1. It sounds like Gardy has abandoned any idea of bringing in Deduno from the 'pen in anything but a bases empty (beginning of an inning) situation

    3. But it is the beginning of the season, so velocities tend to be lower. Checking his game charts, things do seem down but it isn't that far off. This could just be the beginning of the end.

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