2019 Game 24: Orioles @ Twins

That Houston series was "disappointing", per se, but after that first game, it just seemed like they let some good opportunities pass then by. The bullpen looked weak and the Twins' aggression at the plate began to look very exploitable.

As it turns out, facing the Orioles is the best medicine. Last night, Alex Cobb pitched like he's trying to top Bert's home run record by the All Star break, and the Twins took advantage. At the very least, this seems like a team that can beat a lesser opponent.

Today's opposing pitcher, Dan Straily, has been having any the same level of success as Cobb has -- that is to say, none at all. Hopefully, our batters can take advantage of that and hopefully Berrios has a tighter outing today than he has in his last few.

This seems like a very winnable game. Here's hoping it sticks to the script.

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  1. This is today's free game of the day on mlb.tv if you're out of the area and would like to listen to not-Dick.

    1. He took a ball off the leg yesterday. Baldelli said he is available but they're giving him a day to rest it because of the quick turnaround to a day game.

        1. Actually, consecutive pitches were fouled off. The first one looked particularly gruesome (about halfway up the shin, well above his pad) while the second one was a little lower where he had some padding.

  2. Dazzle: Jake Cave really impressed a lot of people in center field last year with his routes.

    There is a sense in which that's a true statement, but I don't think it's the sense that Dazzle intended.

    1. I'm trying to think back, but I do think dazzle might be kind of right-ish. Like, I don't think his routes were terrible, but his decision making for sure was. I could be wrong though.

      1. My memory is that his routes were pretty bad. As Charlie Brown once said of his hero, Joe Shlabotnik, he made some spectacular catches of routine fly balls.

        1. That's fair. I was pretty checked out last year so I really didn't see him out there that much.

  3. Sorry to keep harping on this, but in the pregame show, Rocco said he didn’t know it was La Tortuga Day yesterday until during the game. I find that highly doubtful.

    1. No need to apologize. I have angel hernandez, you have roco not knowing it was La Tortuga day.

    1. He did have an awkward little hop when he reached home. Sounds like his hammy tightened up on him.

    1. Houston looks pretty smart right now not re-signing him. I am crossing my fingers he is a slow starter.

  4. So day four is going a lot better than previous days with the two cats. Dax (who we've had since December) still hisses every once in awhile and still paws at Fizz, but playfully. I'm sitting in my La-Z-Boy with Fizz sleeping on my shoulder and Dax sleeping by my legs. I think we'll get there.

  5. This has been another garage radio game. Got the gas siphoned out of the truck and started on some cleaning, but that’s going to be a long term job as I’ve really let the place go to hell. Winters will do that.

      1. You're a year off. In 1996, the set a Twins record with 877 runs scored. The crazy part is they had a 97 OPS+ and were 8th in the AL in runs scored. Can you say PED? They didn't hit home runs like they've done this year, but still it was the most runs scored since moving to Minnesota and third best in franchise history. Things changed pretty dramatically after 1996.

  6. I'm sort of surprised Thome doesn't have the longest home run at target field, but I'm not at all surprised it's actually Cruz.

  7. First time the Twins have hit at least five home runs in consecutive games. The MLB record is three, done once by Boston in 1977.

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