Walt Mink – Stood Up

walt mink is one of my favorites that also suffers from a lack of decent live videos. i considered playing them back on my guest DJ week, but the lack of quality material prevented me. el producto was ubiquitous during the greatest summer of my life, and should have been their breakthrough album (it even got a 10.0/10.0 from pitchfork, back when pitchfork was this little website that you'd probably never heard of). unfortunately, success stayed just around the corner, and they disbanded in 1997. in all its phasey glory, walt mink:
i also encourage you to go out and find their studio werks. best band named after a macalester professor in the business.

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Game 79 Recap: How about them dodgers?

Twins 1, Dodgers ZERO
WP: Light Rail
LP: De La Rosa
SAVE! Matt "I'll Busta" Capps (13)
Twins record: 34-45, 8.5 games out of first NOT LAST IN THE AL CENTRAL!!ONEOENEOENEOQN!O!NIW

Fangraphs knows scottie baker wasn't looking at the bullpen.

Well, well, well, a save on a wednesday? My goodness gracious, let's take a look at the king of the savers race. The Beard is racking up saves like nobody's business. He currently owns the top spot with 24 saves. We would have to drop six spots on the leader board to find someone in the league that counts but I really don't care that much.

Player A .281 / .304 / .303 / .607 ops+69
Player B .296 / .320 / .336 / .655 ops+79

Just looking at their rookie seasons I'd think these dudes are brothers from another mother. In other news, Scott Baker tossed an absolute gem today. So did De La Rosa for that matter. If you tuned into this one late you missed the scoring action. Sweet Ben hit a lead off triple and was driven in by Nishioka's swinging bunt. That was it. I never doubted the Twins for a second on this one, matt capps excepted. When the camera flashed on Joe Nathan during the ninth I found myself longing for the good old days, and wondering if we'll see Joe back in the closer role before the end of the season.

Go see some art on paper at the walker. 50/50, up 'til July 17, half curated by the unwashed masses, half by experts:

Featuring some 200 works hung salon-style, 50/50 is at once an experiment in crowd curation and an exploration of the Walker’s collection, with each of the two sections filling half the gallery space. This shared exchange sparks a range of questions about the dynamics between “audience” and “expert,” or between curatorial practice and so-called “mass taste.” It also touches on a broader contrast between the act of making aesthetic judgments in an online context and the experience of looking at and thinking about art up close, without time constraints.

2011 Game 79: Twins v Trustee aka in re Dodgers

Late night reports from Target field hint that the hometown 9 25 do indeed have a pulse. But questions remain:

Will the Twins win the series?
Does Jim Thome really watch reruns of the Mod Squad in the clubhouse?
Why haven't Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau hugged lately?
If Joe Nathan throws 93 mph from a train leaving Eighth Street, at what time does he arrive home?
Who the hell is Rubby De La Rosa, and why do I feel dirty when I say it out loud?
Will Nishioka eat grits?
Does Scott Baker look at the bullpen out of respect for Bert?
Will these questions ever be answered?

Rubby De La Rosa pitching against Twin's undeniable champion, ace, and all around nice guy, Scott Baker.


1. Revere 8
2. Nishioka 6
3. _auer 2
4. Righthanded w/ power 9
5. Thome Bench spot saver
6. Dani 5
7. Hughes 3
8. Repko 7
9. Tolbot 4

1. Gwynn 7
2. Blake 5
3. Ethier 9
4. Dairy Brand 8
5. Lonely 3
6. Uribe 4
7. Thames DH
8. Navarro 2
9. Gordon 6

Go Twins!

Minor Details: Games of 6/28

Pawtucket 8, Rochester 6 in Pawtucket.  The Red Wings led 6-0 after three and a half innings.  Steve Singleton singled and tripled.  Dustin Martin singled and doubled.  Aaron Bates had two hits, raising his average to .333.  Andrew Baldwin allowed six runs on seven hits in six innings.  He struck out seven and walked none.  Cole DeVries allowed two runs on four hits and a walk in two innings to take the loss.

New Britain 2, Portland 1 in Portland (Game 1—9 innings—Scheduled 7 innings).  Deibinson Romero homered to lead off the top of the ninth.  Brian Dozier had two doubles and a single.  Liam Hendriks gave up one run on seven hits and a walk in six innings.  Deolis Guerra struck out four in two shutout innings, giving up one hit and getting the win.  Tyler Robertson gave up one hit in a scoreless ninth to get the save.

Portland 12, New Britain 5 in Portland (Game 2—Scheduled 7 innings).  The Sea Dogs scored seven in the sixth to break a 5-5 tie.  Yangervis Solarte singled and doubled, raising his average to .330.  Chris Parmelee also singled and doubled.  Mark Dolenc had two hits.  Each of the three Rock Cats pitchers surrendered four runs, with Blake Martin giving up four hits and a walk in two innings, Jake Stevens six hits and two walks in three innings, and Michael Tarsi four hits and a walk in one inning.

Ft. Myers 9, Charlotte 8 in Ft. Myers.  The Stone Crabs scored seven in the eighth to overcome a 7-1 deficit, but the Miracle got two in the ninth to win.  Ramon Santana singled to drive in the tying run and scored on a Jon Goncalves double.  Oswaldo Arcia had two doubles.  Aaron Hicks, Nick Romero, and Jamaal Hawkins each had two hits.  Logan Darnell gave up just an unearned run on eight hits and a walk in six innings.  Matt Hauser surrendered two runs on three hits and a walk in 1.2 innings and was credited with the win.

Clinton 4, Beloit 3 in Clinton (12 innings).  Jairo Perez had two singles and a double to raise his average to .390.  Daniel Ortiz singled and tripled.  Adrian Salcedo gave up two runs on five hits and a walk in 6.2 innings.  Clinton Dempster struck out four in two hitless innings, walking two.  Nelvin Fuentes allowed an unearned run on a hit and a walk to take the loss.

Johnson City 8, Elizabethton 7 in Johnson City.  The Cardinals scored in the bottom of the eighth to break a 7-7 tie.  Miguel Sano hit a home run, two doubles, and a single.  Eddie Rosario hit a two-run homer.  Cesar Ciurcina surrendered five runs (three earned) on four hits and two walks in two innings.  Derek Christensen gave up an unearned run on three hits, striking out three in three innings to take the loss.  The Twins made seven errors.

GCL Orioles at Twins.  Postponed.

DSL Twins 5, Padres 3 at Padres.  The Twins scored three in the eighth to break a 2-2 tie.  Erick Gonzalez doubled and tripled, driving in three.  Melciades De La Cruz pitched four hitless innings, giving up a walk and striking out seven.  Francisco Nunez gave up a run on two hits in 1.1 innings to get the win.  Edgar Martinez worked a perfect ninth for the save.

2011 Game 78: Dodgers 4, Twins 6

WP: Duensing (5-7, 4.69)
LP: Lilly (5-8, 4.97)
SV: Capps (12)
I love the mojo gumshoe, ballpark views and quick glances at statistics like WPA to tell you a bit about what went down, but none of those things are mine. I tried think of something clever for my first recap since the season opener (glad that fiasco was left in the other basement) but instead I decided, don't over think the thing. I watched the game, took notes, and below is what I saw.

Also, I DVR'd the game so I could cover the recap after bottling my first try at brewing a hefeweizen. Missing the game live for what turned out to be a nice win seems worth it if this brew ends up better than my last one. /Side note: tip of the cap to cheap - letting that last one sit for a few months has improved it enough that I don't expect to boil a huge batch of brats anytime soon/ After watching the game, I read the game log and found that my notes pretty well shadow the conversation...funny how that works.

As I said before, these are my notes. If you didn't see the game and want to know what went down, read on...if you just wanted the score, now you have it.

-Game Notes-

Got off to a good start for both Dunce and the offense. Quick top of 1st and then a nice little single, sac bunt, stolen base (3rd base!  by Revere), and a RBI single by our resident slap-hitting p*ssy DH to get the Twins on the board.

A great catch by Valencia to start the 2nd led to another quick inning by Duensing. Bottom half, Replicant gets on with a single, steals 2nd, moves over to third and then scores on a single by Revere. Revere then steals 2nd while Laddie is batting and scores on Lexi's doubtriple…

I hate to admit it, but I really was entertained watching Laddie smash that ball off the left field wall and get thrown out trying to stretch the double into a triple (despite the play being in front of him as he rounded 2nd base). That young man is truly a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma…or as Gardy would say, “bonehead”.

5th Inning: watched Dunce give up a home run to Aaron Miles. It was the first HR for the Dodger since 2008 and only the 17th of his MLB career. I thought to myself, “God, I hope this inning doesn’t spiral.” Well of course it spiraled. Dunce was trying hard not to give up hits; instead he managed to walk the 9 hitter Jamey Carroll and, eventually, Casey Blake to fill the bases. With Ethier stepping into the box I thought to myself, “Self, why did you spooky this inning?” Sure enough, RBI # 39 & 40 for Andre and the 3-run lead has dissipated. Then he gets to face Kemp, who (as Dick so kindly informs us) is “a dangerous man at the plate…Kemp with 22 home runs and the Twins active roster with 28 this year.” “Awesome,” says I. Dunce gets ahead of Kemp at 0-2 and somehow finagles a shallow fly-out to keep the score even at 4.

Next thing I know (Holy Sh!t, Dick with the call!), Aussie’s 5th inning donger jack with 2 outs and one on (Valencia) puts the boys back up by 2! That was actually one of the stories tonight: 2-out RBI by Revere, Laddie and Aussie (2).

Following a hit batsman, Burnett comes in for Dunce with no one out in the 6th and promptly coaxes a nice little around-the-horn double play ball out of Thames and a ground out by Miles.

1 out and 1 on in the 7th and Perkins comes in for Burnett. Gets a ground out and then gives up a single to Blake. I laughed right out loud when Rivera tagged Carroll out at home. Took a great tag to "get" him, but the throw from Replicant was there to make it happen (or appear to happen). Jason seemed to be doing it to the Dodgers all night long.

8th starts and Twitchy comes in for Perkins after a hit by Ethier. Strikes out Kemp and should have been out of the inning with a double-play grounder. Though it seemed like a weird distance for an underhand toss from Nishioka, Laddie still had a chance at the out with an on-target throw - pretty tough to do with Ethier sliding hard under him at the 2nd base bag. Nathan next faced a pinch-hitter (James Loney) ending the at-bat with a nasty curve for strike 3, (apparently the first breaking ball of his evening), down goes Loney and we move on.

As has become more typical than I’d like, Crisco makes the 9th inning interesting. Ground out to start the inning, a walk to Oeltjen, Crisco with an “athletic move” to get Navarro for the second out and a walk to Gwynn Jr.  put the tying run on base. Finally, another ground out to Laddie salts it away.

Twins Win !

AMR’s Graphs: 6/29/2011

I don't think I'll make a regular series out of these, but I wanted to see how hard it would be to show games behind second place. Might as well share.

It appeared for most of 2006 that the Tigers and ChiSox were both going to the playoffs, the race was just for HFA. No teams from the other two divisions made a decent run at the Wild Card, so I'm basically thinking as second place in the ALC as a proxy for the WC-leading team.

The chart of games above second place shows that once the Twins started making their run, the Tigers held them off for a long time, but the ChiSox did not.
AL Central 2006: Games Behind Second Place
Continue reading AMR’s Graphs: 6/29/2011

By Divine Right – Cupid In Oilskins

I have wanted to play this band for a long time, as they are a favorite of mine, but there is a real lack of live video from them. Furthermore the quality of live footage from them is kind of, well, bad. This video is no different.


I strongly suggest looking these guys up for studio clips, they rule.

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