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Game Recap #76: Trombones 2, Big Paraders 6

Well, let's see.  The bullpen pitched really well.  Joe Mauer had two hits.  Oswaldo Arcia hit a home run and kept his average (barely) above the Mendoza line.

That seems to be about it for the positives.  Danny Santana got hurt, and at this writing I know nothing about how serious that is.  If it is serious, one assumes we'll get a lot of Escobar at short and Fuld and/or Hicks in center.  That's better than the days when we were using people like Rene Tosoni and Luke Hughes, but losing Santana is still going to hurt if it happens.  Not that I think he'd hit .324 with an .806 OPS all season--he'd never done anything close to that in the minors--but he does look like a major league ballplayer, and he's succeeded while spending part of his time learning a new position.  Perhaps he'll be back soon.  We can hope.

Yohan Pino did not have a good game.  It appeared that he simply threw too many pitches that were about belt high, and like many pitchers, he can't get away with doing that.  I doubt he could get away with doing it at AAA, either, so he may have simply had a bad game, which happens to everyone sometimes.  As they don't seem ready to bring up Trevor May yet, and as they don't have a lot of other options, one assumes Pino will get at least a couple more chances.  It's too bad they sent Pinto down--perhaps at some point will get a Pino/Pinto battery, reminding us of the days when Allan Anderson pitched to Andy Allanson.  It's just too bad we won't have Gordo around to announce it.

The Twins play an afternoon game today, so this is the last of the games that start about when I go to bed.  Why these West Coast teams can't start their games at a civilized time is more than I can understand.  Come to think of it, that's probably why we lost these last two games--the Twins players had to stay up way past their bedtimes and were tired.  At any rate, the Twins are going to send Ricky Nolasco out there, still looking for that elusive actually good outing rather than the almost good ones he's been giving us.  He's due!  Today we start a season-ending eighty-six game winning streak!  We'll just have to settle for 122-40!