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2023 Game Log 4: Minnesota Twins at Miami Marlins

It's the battle of the M's!!!

While it's not the most robust of opponents, the Twins come into Florida after sweeping the Royals in Kansas City (162-0!). Cueto is actually 5-1 against the Twins with a 2.62 ERA, so hopefully Gallo will smack a couple of dongers for us.

We'll also see our old friend Arraez, who is off to a great start this year. Definitely going to miss him, but hopefully Lopez will soften the blow. Gotta imagine that Luis prefers Florida climes to Minnesota's though. Good on him.

The Twins are so far undefeated on my game log post days (0-0), and I hope that trend continues today. Win, Twins!

Game 78: Twins at Reds

A very early game today! Perfect for some lunch time fun.

MIN: May (4-6, 4.62)
CIN: Cueto (4-5, 2.98

1. Dozier 2B
2. Nunez SS
3. Rosario RF
4. Plouffe! 3B
5. Vargas 1B
6. Herrmann C
7. Santana CF
8. Robinson LF
9. May P

(Ahh what the hell? Somehow this lineup will probably work)

1. Phillips 2B
2. Votto 1B
3. Frazier 3B
4. Bruce RF
5. Pena C
6. Byrd LF
7. Suarez SS
8. Cueto P
9. Hamilton CF

Go tWINs