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Happy Birthday–December 26

Morgan Bulkeley (1837)
Dad A (1922)
Stu Miller (1927)
Al Jackson (1935)
Wayne Causey (1936)
Ray Sadecki (1940)
Carlton Fisk (1947)
Chris Chambliss (1948)
Dave Rader (1948)
Mario Mendoza (1950)
Ozzie Smith (1954)
Mike Sodders (1958)
Storm Davis (1961)
Jeff King (1964)
Esteban Beltre (1967)
Omar Infante (1981)
Yohan Pino (1983)

Morgan Bulkeley was the first president of the National League.

Mike Sodders was a first-round draft choice for the Twins in 1981. A star third baseman at Arizona State, he never could adjust to wooden bats, never hit, and never made the major leagues.

Dad A was a Twins fan since the team started, and was a baseball fan before that. He coached, he ran the public address system, and he was on the board of the local baseball association. One of the many gifts he gave me is a love of baseball. He would've been ninety-eight today.  Rest in peace, Dad.

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2014 Game 113: Minnesota Twins vs. Oakland Athletics.

Looks like we've got a long series of late games in front of us, you guys. Don't forget to once again brew yourself an extra cup.

As we've recently discussed, not a whole lot of bright spots in our view these days, and I certainly don't have any sunshine to sell you. Let's just keep our heads down, finish up this series without embarrassing ourselves, and go somewhere where the smell of sewage isn't so fresh.

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2014 Game 91: Minnesota Twins vs. Seattle Mariners

Mariners trying an interesting strategy here and handing the game to their bullpen straight from the get-go. The Twins take the field behind their young right-hander Pino and look to go 75% in Seattle before they head to Colorado (because I guess the official game scheduler has a sense of humor).

It's a late one tonight, so make sure to brew an extra cup.

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