Mexican Tuna Melt

Or a tuna quesadilla, whichever floats your barco.

I tend to eat a lot of what I'd classify as "bachelor chow" - frozen pizzas, cans of tuna, pasta in sauce. I'm actually a pretty good cook and enjoy cooking, but funds are tight so no bacon-wrapped scallops for me at the moment. I hope I don't cause our resident gourmands any embarrassment to share a post category with me, but I thought I'd share something I whipped up that turned out, I thought, very well.

After moving down to Texas, I've been eating a lot of Mexican food, largely because I can make an $0.80 bag of black beans last a week and a rice and bean quesadilla costs about $0.70 + labor. Luckily for me, Mexican is 3rd on my list of favorite foods, after pizza and Asian. However, I was looking for a change of pace from the rice and beans variety. I had a can of tuna for dinner yesterday, but it was pretty dull as far as food goes. Somehow the idea came to make a Mexican tuna melt.

Your ingredients
Your ingredients

Assemble in front of you the following items: can of tuna, some mayo, your favorite hot sauce, shredded Mexican cheese, and tortillas. For utensils you'll need: can opener, fork, bowl, skillet/frying pan (I suppose a panini press/George Foreman might also work well for this).

Just slop it all in there
Just slop it all in there

I eyeballed the mayo and sriracha. Just get things to a consistency and hotness that you will find appealing. Take your fork and mix it all up.


After that, lay a tortilla in the cold skillet and sprinkle some cheese on top. A cold skillet will keep the tortilla from burning before the tuna gets warmed up.


Put a full layer of tuna on there and then more cheese on top.


Top it off with the other tortilla and turn the burner on to medium-low (Somewhere around a 3.5-4 on my stove)


Once the bottom is toasty, give 'er a flip. Remove from the pan once the second tortilla matches the first.


Give it a few minutes to cool (the roof of my mouth will confirm the fact that for me, this is the hardest step), cut up into whatever shape you like and dig in. You will have some spillage, so best to eat directly over your plate, preferably while you hold your plate as you stand over the sink.

9 thoughts on “Mexican Tuna Melt”

  1. Hey mags, nice work. I never would have thought of going tuna melt with a quesadilla!

    Sriracha? Hmm. That's a different twist than Mexican....

    What's missing from this is some veg. I'm thinking fresh or canned jalapenos!!!!111one111!!!!

    1. I went with Cholula ("with lime" varietal) the first time I made this. Using sriracha was a sort of A/B test for me. I'd recommend either (or both, what the hell).

  2. This is right about my culinary level of expertise, mags. Actually looks a little more professional than anything I do regularly, but I think I could pull it off...

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