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2014 Game 132: Twins at Royals

Hughes vs. Hendriks. Kaufmann Stadium. The Tigers aren't in first. What's not to like?

Well, the local nine are 58-73. That's not to like. The Royals are the opposite, and I have to say I like the team and have nothing against the fanbase, so if my team loses here, I suppose I can live with it. ESPN just did a thing on the state of the world the last time the Royals made the playoffs - Back to the Future being released in theaters, for instance - so I guess they're our Pirates this season.

2014 Game 126: Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins – DAY GAME ALERT

Oy. If I didn't have the Hope Springs Eternal optimism of some of the other Citizens to buoy my spirits somewhat, I'd certainly have sunk into a deep despondency long ago. That said: Oy.

The hometown nine have managed a single win during this homestand after suffering their 10th (!) shutout of the season, and are in the midst of some ridiculous number of consecutive scoreless innings. But really, when you think about, there's... um, if you-- well, erm. Yeah.

A lot of Citizens in attendance today, so let's try not to harsh their mellows, eh? To do so, the Twins send Staff Ace Phil Hughes™ to the mound. However, the Wahoos counter with Kluber, who's been none too shabby himself. If you like low scoring affairs, good thing you're a Twins fan this has the makings of a duel.

Oh yeah, and no TV today.

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