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2015 Game 26: Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins

It's official, I have absolutely no idea what to think of these guys.

I don't really have a lot of time here, but that's okay because I don't really have a lot to say (socaltwinsfan created a good case for healthy skepticism here). With help from a thoroughly enjoyable drubbing of the White Sox, the Twins are a winning team for the first time in almost a year. At this point, I'm not going to think too much about it and just enjoy.

We close out the longest homestand of the year with a visit from the scuffling A's. Maybe we can even get a few more ticks above .500. Hughes, in search of his first all mighty W, starts off on the mound tonight.

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Game 16 recap. Seattle 2 Minnesota 0

Phil Hughes was awesome. 8 innings, 9 strikeouts, 0 walks (natch), but two solo home runs as all King Felix needed as the Seattle Mariners beat the Twins 2-0 in a game played in a little over two hours.

Hernadez was dominant early, taking a perfect game into the 5th inning before Trevor Plouffe hit a solid single. The Twins made some waves in the later innings of the game but could not plate the run. The best chance was in the 6th. Suzuki reached 2nd on a hit/error combo. Moved over to 3rd on an infield single by Jordan Schafer (he made one bunt attempt but whiffed), but Hernandez slammed the door.

One is supposed to cheer for the home team, and perhaps I am underselling how awesome Phil Hughes pitched tonight,  but I appreciate good baseball and watching King Felix is pretty darned good. I dont have a MLB package and the Mariners are never on national TV, so I dont get to watch him as often as I would like. Perhaps the M's will be half way good this year and get some national love.


- Phil Hughes has 2 complete games as  a Twin. Both are 8 inning losses.

-This is Hughes' 4th career complete game. His first complete game was a shutout. But only 6 innings in a rain shortened game.

-Other pitchers with 2 CGs as a Twin: Brian Duensing, LaTroy Hawkins, Livan Hernandez, Les Straker, Luis Tiant, Bill Campbell, and more.

-Schafer's 6th inning infield single broke a 0-21 slump. Perhaps his time as a Twin is done at the end of April.

-This was Hernadez's 24th career complete game and 10th shutout.  CC Sabathia lead active players with 38 CGs and Tim Hudson leads with 13 SHO

-The Twins had 5 hits, all singles. This is the third time this year they have been extra baseless.

-The is the third time the Twins have been shutout. The first two happened in  Detroit in games 1 and 2.

Game 15: Twins at Seattle. 9:10 central time.

West coast baseball for a short spell. The beginning of this game will compete with the Wild game so make sure you give your thumb a warm up before you furiously flip back and forth between the two games.

On paper, this is a good pitching matchup. Phil Hughes throws for the Twins, King Felix for Seattle. I hope the Twins win 2 out of 3 this weekend.

2015 Game 1: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

I'd love to type something thoughtful and full of optimism here, but I'm short on time and actual belief in that. We'll start the year off for a team that's full of youthful potential, but bogged down with the aged veterans for some reason. But, let's let the 25-man roster speak for itself:
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2014 Game 158: Diamondbacks at Twins

I don't get to watch games between these teams unless I'm at work. Last night, I wasn't. Today I'm not either, as I do a rare Wednesday closing shift. Dumb. Neither team is worth watching, but I'm about to go six months without either of them, and it would have been nice to watch a game knowing that one of the teams has to win.

Vidal Nuno, the dude I saw pitch at Chase a couple of weeks ago who hasn't gotten a single Win despite not giving up a ton of runs, faces Phil Hughes, who's managed to pull down durned near a quarter of this team's pitching victories.

I suppose I'll be either be watching to cheer against Detroit winning the division, or to cheer against the Yankees making the postseason at all (I think the Orioles can knock them out by beating them this morning...ooh!). Bring this one home for me, gents.