2016 Game 114: Pale Hosers at Twins

First Pitch 1:10 pm

Ervin Santana (3-9, 3.78 ERA, 80 K, 1.242 WHIP)
Carlos Rodon (2-7, 4.50 ERA, 91 K, 1.533 WHIP)

The Twins today will try to win a home series against the White Sox that they should have won last night. For me, the highlight of this series has been seeing Justin Morneau play at Target Field. I don't know that I've ever seen a player from the visiting team cheered so loudly by the home crowd for smashing a home run as when he lined his dinger many moose antlers over the outfield wall yesterday. I've got a soft spot for that big Canuck, and it seems a lot of other Twins fans do, too. Several years ago when I decided to splurge on one of those nice Majestic jerseys, I got a Morneau 33. And I still chuckle, just a little bit, when I hear somebody say his name and in my head I hear, "Rhymes with porno."

Ervin Santana back on the hill for the Twins today after taking the loss in a 2-0 complete game in his last start. For the White Sox, Carlos Rodon comes off the disabled list today for his first start since July 5th. Don't know if I'll get to watch this one, I have a lot of stuff to get done today. That's what I get for procrastinating, I suppose.

Play ball!

Happy Birthday–July 31

Joe Sugden (1870)
Laughing Larry Doyle (1886)
Art Nehf (1892)
Allen Russell (1893)
Elmer Riddle (1914)
Curt Gowdy (1919)
Hank Bauer (1922)
Vic Davalillo (1936)
John Vukovich (1947)
Dave Dombrowski (1956)
Leon Durham (1957)
Mike Bielecki (1959)
Scott Bankhead (1963)
Ted Barrett (1965)
Gabe Kapler (1975)
Rene Rivera (1983)

Hall of Fame broadcaster Curt Gowdy was the voice of the NBC Game of the Week from 1965-1975.

Dave Dombrowski has been the general manager of the Montreal Expos/Florida Marlins and of the Detroit Tigers.

Ted Barrett has been a major league umpire since 1994.

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Happy Birthday–July 30

Casey Stengel (1890)
Frankie Pytlak (1908)
Tony Lucadello (1912)
Joe Coleman (1922)
Paul Minner (1923)
Joe Nuxhall (1928)
Gus Triandos (1930)
Bud Selig (1934)
Bob Barton (1941)
Pat Kelly (1944)
Doug Rader (1944)
Jim Spencer (1946)
Ellis Valentine (1954)
Clint Hurdle (1957)
Steve Trout (1957)
Scott Fletcher (1958)
Tom Pagnozzi (1962)
Scott Diamond (1986)

Tony Lucadello was a major league scout for forty-eight years.

Allan Huber "Bud" Selig was the commissioner of baseball from 1992-2014.

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