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From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries: Disabled List

April 11, 2013

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Baseball is a cruel mistress and I just don't know if it’s even worth it anymore. I was so excited to be healthy for the start of the season and to be in the major league rotation. Now I feel like my Career is at a crossroads. I know it's just a forearm strain but what if I never heal? I am doing my rehab and the trainer says I'm doing good. I've heard that Coach Gardenhire wants me back in the rotation because he "likes my stuff." But this is so hard.

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Game 7: Twins 1, Loyalist Supporters of Dynastic Authority 3

WP: Santana(no, not that one) (1-1)
LP: Correia (0-1)
SV: Crow (1)

Unlike the vast majority of citizens, I grew up very far from Twins territory in the major league sports desert of Oklahoma. When I was a boy there were a couple of occasions where my family would meet my grandpa in KC to see a Twins game rather than going the full 12 hours to the Great White North.

One incident from one of those games stands out to me. It was the mid-90s. Two teams with nothing to play for met in front of a sparse crowd in a beautiful stadium. The crowd was antsy and uninspired. No doubt future Twins' legends Pat Meares and Matt Walbeck were on the field of play.

Suddenly from out of view a figure leaps over the right field fence from the stands. The crowd emerges out of their daydreaming and cheers for the unexpected turn of events. The obviously inebriated fan runs around second and then third and then slides headfirst into home. From somewhere in the upper deck an old Minnesota fan grumbles about the security being too lax. A Royals fan in the row in front of him turns around and loudly responds, 'He's wearing a Twins shirt!', pointing down to the drunken grinning idiot proudly wearing a 1991 World Series Champion T-shirt.

Old Minnesota Fan: 'That doesn't matter. We never have this problem at the Metrodome!'

Royals Fan: 'That's because the Metrodome sucks!'

OMF: 'It's better than this crummy place!'

The Royals fan balled up his fists and looked poised to swing, but came to his senses just in time that hitting a 70 year old man wasn't the best course of action, and sat back down talking very loudly about how the Twins sucked.

As a ten year old sitting next to my grandpa, that is still the closest I have ever been to getting into a fight. And it taught me some good lessons. Royals fan was right, the Metrodome did suck, and it wasn't anywhere close to Royals stadium. And of course the Twins didn't have a problem with people jumping over the right field fence at the Metrodome for obvious reasons. But dammit, that didn't matter. I was going to support my grandpa and be the best 10 year old and 70 year old duo of fighters around.

Watching this game reminded me of that near fight in the very same stadium. Correia worked a miracle by pitching 7 innings of scoreless baseball, by rights he should've been back in the clubhouse already showered, shaved, eating an early dinner and catching up on the Mad Men premiere on his iPad. But he was still out there against all reason and sense, into the eighth, tempting fate. And like my grandpa, Gardy let emotions get the best of him and kept him out there against all logic and common sense.

I don't remember who won that game so long ago, because both teams sucked and it didn't matter, and I learned that sometimes your support of a baseball team makes no rational sense, but it's still important to go out there and get into near fights with fans of other sucky teams for non-baseball related reasons.


Game 6: Twins 4, Orioles 3

Slapadiddlesack gets a win! Multiple rednecks gets the go-ahead RBI after an 0-13 stretch. Perk'n'Play gets the Save in impressive 1-2-3 fashion: 2 strike outs and a Laddie ground out and the Twins win their second series of the season.

Favorite quote from yesterday. When interviewed following the game, his second in the majors, Twins starter Pedro Hernandez said he wasn't nervous in his 2013 debut.

 "Not really," [he] said. "This game is for men, this game is not for a child."

Twins are now 4-2, tied with the Pale Hose for the AL Central lead. They head to Kansas City to face Ervin Santana. In his first start for the Royals, Santana gave up 5 runs on 5 hits (3 HR's) and a walk. He also struck out 8.

In other news:

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Game 3 Recap: From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries

April 4, 2013

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It’s another great day to be a Twin! We won another game against the Tigers, who are a great team with some great hitters so getting this W was very important and Meaningful to all us guys. Mike Pelfrey pitched well and the Boys really swung the bats and the Bullpen did its job and that’s what it takes to win big games. I still haven’t pitched yet but I am so excited to be back in the majors and healthy. Coach Gardenhire says I’m gonna pitch in the next series and I might have a chance to give us another series Win and keep us rolling on the road to the Playoffs!

I just feel like this is going to be the best year ever. The offseason was very long and tough, dealing with my injury and all those other things. It was a dark time for me and maybe someday I will be ready to write about it, but for now I am just happy and grateful for my Family and Team (and Brian lol, even if he called me a p***y a lot) for helping me come back in the Spring even Stronger and more perseverant than ever. And not to be arrogant, but I really kicked a** in the Spring! Coach Gardenhire and Mr. Ryan say they are very confident in me and want to “see what I can do” this season and I sure do plan to show them “what I can do” lol! I am going to pitch my tail off win a lot of ballgames.

It’s great to be teammates with Brian again, even if he is still the same dirty dog lol. He didn’t even play today because he was out so late last night, he brought ANOTHER girl home and woke me up at like 3 AM. Oh yeah, we’re roommates now! We have a cool apartment that’s technically a 1 bedroom but one of the closets was so big that I am using it as my bedroom lol. Mom and Scott and Kaycie came over for housewarming and Kaycie was being a brat about how small my room is, but Brian is paying for our cable TV so he gets the big room. He said I should thank him because otherwise we wouldn’t have the Playboy Channel. LOL!

I don’t like to talk bad about former Teammates, but it is also good to not have A**x B*****t in the Clubhouse anymore. He was not a good presence and I can say that this year’s team is 100% Good Guys. I told Brian this and he laughed and said “just wait until they get to know you,” and I am not sure what he meant but he is right there are a lot of new faces to get to know.

All in all, I’d better wrap this up because the guys are celebrating. I just have a feeling that this is going to be a great Season and I know it’s early but the clubhouse already has a playoff feel and I can’t wait to get out there and Pitch.

Until next time,


Twins 8, Tigers 2

2013 Game 3: Twins vs. Tigers – Day Game!

Game 2 Recap:
Say, who is this Escobar fellow? Sounds like a name for the future that I should know.

*Looks him up*

Oh. Well then. I guess we should appreciate what happened yesterday.

Today the Twins go for a series win against the defending division champions. This would give them an above .500 record for the first time since September 2010. Has it really been that long?

I became a baseball fan when I was 14. I watched the 2001 playoffs with my cousin and fell in love with the Twins. The next nine years were a good time to be a Twins fan, and I watched 90% of their games. 2011 was a test. I felt like a bad fan for giving up on the team and not watching as many games when they were so far behind, but something SBG said stuck with me. It's okay to not put everything you have behind the team. It's okay to simply enjoy baseball for what it is. And even though we don't think the Twins will be very good this year (JeffA excepted), games like yesterday's will still be fun to watch.

Game 3
12:10PM(CDT) Start Time
Mike Pelfrey vs. Rick Porcello

Hicks CF
Mauer C
Willingham LF
Morneau 1B
Doumit DH
Plouffe 3B
Parmelee RF
Carroll 2B
Florimon SS

The bad news: The Twins haven't hit any home runs.
The good news: The Twins pitchers haven't given up any home runs!

The bad news: The Tigers starters ERA against the Twins is 0.
The good news: The Tigers relievers ERA against the Twins is 6.13!