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Happy Birthday–February 12

Pants Rowland (1879)
Chick Hafey (1903)
Dom DiMaggio (1917)
Joe Garagiola (1926)
Pat Dobson (1942)
Mike Martin (1944)
Ray Corbin (1949)
Lenny Randle (1949)
Don "Full Pack" Stanhouse (1951)
Cam Bonifay (1952)
Chet Lemon (1955)
Greg Johnston (1955)
Joe Bitker (1964)
Ryan Lefebvre (1971)
Chris Snyder (1981)
Cole De Vries (1985)

Clarence "Pants' Rowland spent his life in baseball.  A catcher, he went on to manage the Chicago White Sox to the World Championship in 1917.  He was an American League umpire from 1923-1927.  He was also a minor league manager and executive, and was president of the Pacific Coast League from 1944-1954.  He is a member of the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame.

Mike Martin won over 2,000 games as the head coach of Florida State.

Cam Bonifay was the general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1993-2001 and is currently working in the Cincinnati organization.

Ryan Lefebvre appeared in six minor league games for the Watertown Indians in 1993.  He was a Twins broadcaster in the 1997 and 1998 before moving to Kansas City in 1999, where he has been a broadcaster for the Royals ever since.

Joe Bitker was drafted by Minnesota in the sixth round in the 1984 January draft, but he did not sign.

This is a great day for players with colorful nicknames.  In addition to those listed above, we have Sweetbread Bailey (1895), Kiddo Davis (1902), Dutch Dietz (1912), Monk Dubiel (1918), and Woody Main (1922).

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From the Livejournal of Cole DeVries: Disabled List

April 11, 2013

Mood: 🙁 Despondent

Music: Fallout Boy - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)

Baseball is a cruel mistress and I just don't know if it’s even worth it anymore. I was so excited to be healthy for the start of the season and to be in the major league rotation. Now I feel like my Career is at a crossroads. I know it's just a forearm strain but what if I never heal? I am doing my rehab and the trainer says I'm doing good. I've heard that Coach Gardenhire wants me back in the rotation because he "likes my stuff." But this is so hard.

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Game 139: Clevelands vs. Twins

Cole De Vries takes on Zach McAllister

This sounds like a game that will not be particularly fun to watch for fans of either team. Let's talk about something else, instead. Food, maybe? I know we're big into health again, but I've noticed a distinct lack of culinary pornography around here lately. This saddens me a bit. What's the most delicious thing you've crafted in the past month? What's the most delicious thing you've eaten in the past month?

Twins game viewing optional.

Game 132: Twins in KC 7:10pm..check that 3:10PM Saturday

*edit* this game has been postponed until Saturday at 3:10pm.

the remnants of Hurricane Isaac are making its way up the central US, giving places like Arkansas, Missourri, Kansas, and Illinois some much needed rain. The forecast for KC tonight calls for rain, so this game might now get underway.

The Twins have been brutal this month, posting a 9-19 record with 1 game to go. This month is an improvement over last year where the Twins went 7-21. And the Twins have gained 4 games on Cleveland as they have only 5 wins in August.

Cole DeVries is scheduled to start for the local 9. DeVries has this Brad Radke thing going this year, giving up 16 home runs, and allowing 17 walks. Something to watch at the end of the year: will he give up more homeruns than walks batters.

The Royals will trot out a dude named Will Smith, who looks like a Twinsesque pitcher with a low walk rate, low k rate, and a high ERA.