Game 20: Twins 10, Indians 3

MINNEAPOLIS -- A freak incident occurred at Target Field on Saturday afternoon. Something happened that no one could remember happening before.

A second digit went up under the "runs" header on the scoreboard.

"I didn't know it could do that," said John Henry "Fred" Johnson, the ballpark's head of scoreboard operations.

The incident occurred after the Minnesota Twins' Danny Valencia hit a ball over the fence and into the upper deck, scattering several stunned patrons. Many fans in the ballpark were unsure of what just happened and assumed it had been a mistake. In fact, Valencia just jogged around the bases and headed back to home. Some believed Valencia was just going back to the plate to continue his at-bat as a sort of "do-over."

However, Valencia only touched home plate and continued back to the dugout. The confusion may have led to the incident, as the second digit went up on the scoreboard after Valencia touched home.

"We were scrambling, trying to figure out what went wrong," Johnson said, "but the official scorekeeper told us to leave it alone. So, we did."

The Indians didn't seem to notice, as they didn't make any complaints and the inning continued. The Twins appeared to enjoy it as they seemed downright giddy in the dugout.

Valencia refused to apologize afterward.

"I'm going to do that every chance I get," he said. "We need to see that second digit again."

Game 20, Take 2: Indians at Twins

So that road trip to open up the season was pretty fun, right guys?

I mentioned this elsewhere, but the AL Central standings are exactly the opposite of what I expected them to be. I don't expect this to continue.

Cleveland's over-performing right now. Their batters certainly are - Asdrubal Cabrera is hitting home runs at a pace of one every twenty at bats after hitting one about every 80 at bats through his MLB career and one every 60 in his minor league career, I would guess that would settle down a bit. Their pitchers are over performing, too. The team's getting lucky, and it's time for the Twins to change that.

Carmona vs. Duensing.

Let's do this.

Twins Collectibles Spotlight: 2011 Topps Twins Team Set

Although I had another post in mind for the second Collectibles Spotlight, this one prempted. My LCS (that's "Local Card Shop" in baseball card blogger parlance) got in some of this year's Topps team sets, and besides all the Cardinals sets he picked up a Twins set for me as well.

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Dave Edmunds & Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra – Sabre Dance

Originally composed by Aram Khachaturian as the final act of his ballet, Gayane.  Now used by the Buffalo Sabres to get fans pumped up.


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That’s What It’s All About

Life is funny.

When I went to bed last Friday night, I had no idea that ten hours later, I would give up the old website. My daughter Miss SBG was tired and I laid down with her and darn it if I wasn't tired, too and even though it was 7:30 PM, I fell asleep. By 11:30, though, I was back awake and I knew it was going to be a long night. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. I suppose if I had taken a sleeping pill, I would have soon drifted back off to sleep and things would have been just fine. But, I didn't and I had one of those dreaded nights -- awake, alone, and contemplating all that could go wrong with my life.

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2011 Game 20: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins

Carmona vs Duensing.

It's been a busy week. I think I have the core features in place now, so it's on to other things. Like how the site looks. That will have to come from someone else.

In the meantime, time for the best team in the AL to take on the near worst team in the league. Unfortunately, they aren't in the order I wanted at the beginning of the season.

This Week in Ex-Twins

Atlanta organization (AAA Gwinnett) activates Jose Lugo from the disabled list.
White Sox organization (AAA Charlotte) places Michael Restovich on the seven day disabled list., then activates him again.
Milwaukee reinstates LaTroy Hawkins from the disabled list.
Milwaukee assigns LaTroy Hawkins to Nashville (AAA).
Philadelphia organization promotes Jeff Lanning from Williamsport (short-season) to Lakewood (A).
Pittsburgh selects the contract of Joe Beimel from Indianapolis (AAA).
St. Louis activates Nick Punto from the disabled list.
Toronto organization acquires Yohan Pino for cash considerations, promotes him from New Hampshire (AA) to Las Vegas (AAA) for two days, then sends him back to New Hampshire (AA).

Also, Seth Greisinger has been demoted from the Yomiuri Giants to the Kawasaki Giants (a demotion to the Japanese minor league).  H/t AMR.

Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.