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Game 78: Royals 8, Twins 10

Another solo shot (x2) by Plouffe! (17 & 18)

Another bomb by WillingHAMMER. (17)

Another A 3-run homer by Butters (1) - wait, what?!? That's right, 4 homeruns in one game.

Another vulture for Gray (4-0)

Another 9th inning opportunity for Perkins (which looked awfully Crapps-Tastic) but in which he got the job done...eventually.

Another series win.

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Game 113: Sox at Twinkies

It'd be nice if Jim Thome would hurry up and hit number 600, so I can move on with my plan of watching games until we're losing by two, because we're back to the point where the starting pitching is bad, and a Twins lead sometimes seems like an insurmountable deficit. Things are tough to watch, a few players excepted.

The Smartest Pitcher in Baseball takes the mound tonight against Zach Stewart, who is making just his 4th big league start. Our favorite tater-masher should get some good cuts in today.

Let's see some dongers jacked... I mean... umm... yeah.