R.E.M. – So. Central Rain

There was a little chatter about the R.E.M. retirement last week but I thought they deserved a video. Most  people under 30 don't get them but to a certain group of people this band was pretty important.



Here are the guys in 1983, on Letterman.

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2011 MLB Playoff Brackets

i was daydreaming and had a fun idea: MLB playoff brackets, anyone?

how about this: predict the winner of each series, and win the points. double points if you correctly guess the amount of wins for both winning and losing team.

ALDS/NLDS 1 pt. (best of 5)
ALCS/NLCS 3 pts.
world series 5 pts.

DET v. NYY (1)
TB v. TEX (2)

STL v. PHI (1)
ARI v. MIL (2)

whoever has the most points wins. pretty simple, huh?

if anyone has any suggestions to tweek the rules, let me know. otherwise, post your guesses below. i'll compile them on a spreadsheet and make it available to everyone.

copy and paste the below part:

World Series:

DEADLINE: friday, 30 september 2011 3:00PM CT

Pixel Perfect Memories: Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Head or Tail Of It

Release Date:  1987
System:  PC, Macintosh, Apple II, Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari ST
Developer:  Infocom


Have you ever wanted to get a nice juicy steak, but all you had was a stake?  Have you ever wanted to literally kill two birds with one stone?  Or have you come across a pretty girl and it made you long for a gritty pearl?  Then you should definitely help out Nord and Bert, because they truly can't make hails or teds of it.  Wait, um...

Still my favorite language based game ever, this game has you playing with homonyms, spoonerisms, idioms, and other plays on our language and culture in order to help save the town of Punster from total chaos.  There's no real story.  No illusion of purpose behind any of the puzzles.  Just dig in and get your lexicon dirty.

You can play this, or any Infocom here at this site for free.  Unfortunately, while you can save the game while the browser is open, it's gone when you close.  Otherwise, you can look for it on abandonware sites or purchase the game at on-line stores from private sellers.  It doesn't look like Activision (who I believe still holds the rights) is selling them anymore.

By the way, CDX from last month still isn't working.  Sorry for that, fellas.  I'll keep checking periodically and let you all know if it comes back.

Next month I'll get back to a console game.  In the meantime, whatch ya'll playin?

Happy Birthday–September 29

Dave Orr (1859)
Gus Weyhing (1866)
Harry Steinfeldt (1877)
Paul Giel (1932)
Mike McCormick (1938)
Rich Reese (1941)
Steve Busby (1949)
John McLaren (1951)
Warren Cromartie (1953)
Byron McLaughlin (1955)
Tim Flannery (1957)
Craig Lefferts (1957)
Rob Deer (1960)
Derek Parks (1968)
Jake Westbrook (1977)

Outfielder Warren Cromartie was drafted by the Twins in the third round of the January Secondary draft in 1972, but did not sign.

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