Happy Birthday–January 7

Kitty Bransfield (1875)
Al Todd (1902)
Johnny McCarthy (1910)
Johnny Mize (1913)
Alvin Dark (1922)
Dick Schofield (1935)
Jim Hannan (1940)
Jim Lefebvre (1942)
Tony Conigliaro (1945)
Joe Keough (1946)
Ross Grimsley (1950)
Bob Gorinski (1952)
Jeff Montgomery (1962)
Craig Shipley (1963)
Allan Anderson (1964)
Rob Radlosky (1974)
Alfonso Soriano (1976)
Eric Gagne (1976)
Francisco Rodriguez (1982)

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This Week in Ex-Twins

Boston agrees to terms with Carlos Silva on a minor league contract.
Colorado signs Brendan Harris to a minor league contract.
Angels agree to terms with LaTroy Hawkins on a one-year contract.
Miami signs Rob Delaney to a minor league contract.
Miami signs Bobby O’Neill to a minor league contract.
Pittsburgh signs Jose Morales to a minor league contract.
Toronto re-signs Yohan Pino to a minor league contract.


Spanning the Globe


Cibao 3, Licey 1 in Cibao.  Alexi Casilla was 0-for-1 with two walks and a sacrifice bunt, scoring once and driving in one for Cibao.


Adelaide 8, Melbourne 5 in Melbourne.  Markus Solbach gave up a hit but no runs in two-thirds of an inning for Melbourne.

Canberra 7, Sydney 1 in Canberra.  Jacob Younis was 1-for-4 for Sydney.  Todd Van Steensel struck out four in 2.1 innings, giving up a run on three hits and two walks.

Brisbane 6, Perth 2 in Perth.  Luke Hughes was 0-for-4 for Perth.

FMD: Jan 6, 2012

I had two unfinished points on my best-of-2011 list that I was hoping to get to today. Guess not.
I'm eagerly awaiting DK's best-of-2011 list.

Also to random lists from the rest of you.
I'll assign points to anything released in 2012 (or 1912!).
I've only got one such release: I'll see if it makes it. If not, I'll grab it as my bonus track.

Points to be redeemable for more points at the end of the day.
Any unused points will expire at midnight (CST) on Jan 7, 2011.

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