Happy Birthday–July 21

Johnny Evers (1881)
Howie Shanks (1890)
Moe Drabowski (1935)
John Bateman (1940)
Denis Menke (1940)
Mike Hegan (1942)
Jim Manning (1943)
John Hart (1948)
Al Hrabosky (1949)
Mike Cubbage (1950)
Dave Henderson (1958)
Mike Bordick (1965)
Lance Painter (1967)
Kimera Bartee (1972)
Brian Buchanan (1973)
Geoff Jenkins (1974)
Willie Eyre (1978)
C. C. Sabathia (1980)

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Rilo Kiley – More Adventurous

I know that we spun some Rilo Kiley recently but I have I really been digging on this song as of late.


It also appears to be the only version available is being viewing from Real Player on a 28.8K modem.  The video sucks but the audio is pretty good.

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Game 97 Recap: Indians at Twins

Twins 7, Indian 5
WP: Matt Capps (wait, what?) LP: Sipp
SAVE! Joe "that's right bitches" Nathan
Fangraphs is confused about Capps winning, too.
MLB recap, spoiler ---> the local nine win this one.

Ah, everyone's favorite feature comes roaring back to life with a Joe Nathan save on a Wednesday. Let's look at the progress of the king of the savers race, shall we? Craig Kimbrel and The Beard are tied for the lead with 29 saves. The Beard gets extra credit for style and blowing up fewer games. The ninth guy on the list plays in the AL, for De-toilet to boot, and has 25 saves on the season. There's a lot of baseball to be played, and a lot of saves to be racked up. Stay tuned saves fans!

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. The last two games have been some of the most exciting baseball that I've watched all season. How awesome was it to bloop and dink our way to walk off on Tuesday night, and then to double down on Wednesday and split the series with the Tribe to stay alive in the central. Blackie pitched a hell of a ballgame getting tagged with only 1 earned run, but the defense behind (and in front) of him allowed 3 unearned runs to score. Joe Mauer flashed the leather a couple of times because he's the best evah. The bullpen made things very interesting, but pulled through to keep the score knotted at 4. Laddie led off the eighth with a ground rule double, Mauer pussied a single, Cuddy looked vintage, and Thome drew a walk. If Orlando Ballgame had been just a little bit taller, if had had been a baller, he would have robbed Danny V of the go ahead single, but he wasn't and he didn't. Del was Del. Nishi cracked the game open with a two run single. Drew was Drew. Joe Nathan allowed the obligatory closer's donger (thankfully it was of the solo kind), and the Twins win. I don't care if the Twins come back to make the postseason this year, but I love the way they drag me back in just when I think I'm out.

2011 Game Log No 97: Indians at Twins

Day Game.


And today's a big one. [Motivational Pep Talk] [Great Speeches Youtube Video] [Baseball!]


TWINS: Nic Blacburn. 3.99 ERA | 4.53 FIP | 3.97 xFIP | 4.68 K/9
indians: Josh Tomlin  4.03 ERA | 4.22 FIP | 3.85 xFIP | 5.07 K/9



  1. Revere CF
  2. Casilla 2nd
  3. Mauer 1st
  4. Cuddy RF
  5. Tomei DH
  6. Dan 3rd
  7. Young LF
  8. Nishioka SS
  9. Butters C


  1. Carrera CF
  2. Cabrera SS
  3. Hafner DH
  4. Santana C
  5. LaPorta 1st
  6. Cabrera 2nd
  7. Chisenhall 3rd
  8. Kearns RF
  9. Valbuena LF

Waiting for the game to start? Want to read a story about cheating in baseball? Here's the one where according to Chili Davis all pitchers were cheaters. Via Fangraphs.

Go Twins!

Minor Details: Games of 7/18 – 7/19


Monday—Durham 4, Rochester 1 in Rochester.  Chase Lambin had two singles and a double.  Eric Hacker gave up two runs on six hits and two walks in six innings.  Denard Span was 0-for-3 and Jason Kubel was 0-for-4.

Tuesday—Rochester 3, Durham 2 in Rochester.  Rene Tosoni had two hits and drove in three.  Liam Hendriks made his AAA debut, giving up two runs on six hits and no walks in 6.2 innings.  Denard Span was 1-for-3 and Jason Kubel was 1-for-2 with two walks.


Monday—New Britain 11, Richmond 6 in New Britain.  Chris Parmelee had three doubles.  Tyler Robertson got the win in relief, giving up a run on three hits and no walks while striking out three in four innings.

Tuesday—Richmond 7, New Britain 5 in New Britain.  Deibinson Romero singled and homered.  Steve Hirschfeld allowed five runs (four earned) on nine hits and a walk in 6.1 innings.


Monday—Dunedin 9, Ft. Myers 2 in Dunedin.  Aaron Hicks had two doubles.  Pat Dean gave up three runs (one earned) on five hits and two walks in five innings.

Tuesday—Ft. Myers 8, Dunedin 5 in Dunedin.  Ramon Santana, Aaron Hicks, and James Beresford each had three hits, with Santana hitting two doubles and Hicks one.  Tom Stuifbergen allowed four runs (two earned) on nine hits and no walks while striking out seven in six innings.


Monday—Beloit 16, West Michigan 3 in Beloit.  Adam Bryant had two singles, a double, and a homer, scoring four times and driving in four.  Wang-wei Lin had three singles and a double, scoring three times.  B. J. Hermsen gave up a run on five hits and two walks, striking out five in seven innings.

Tuesday—No game scheduled.


Monday—Elizabethton 4, Bristol 1 in Elizabethton.  Miguel Sano had two doubles.  Pedro Guerra gave up a run on two hits and no walks, striking out five in seven innings.

Tuesday—Bristol 18, Elizabethton 4 in Elizabethton.  Miguel Sano had two homers and a single.  Justin Parker had three hits.


Monday—Orioles 4, Twins 1 at Twins.  Michael Quesada hit a home run.  Starter Hung Yi Chen worked three shutout innings, striking out three while giving up two hits and a walk.

Tuesday—Twins 4, Orioles 2 at Orioles.  Romy Trinidad singled and doubled.  Starter Ricardo Arevalo struck out four in four innings, giving up two runs on five hits and a walk.


Monday—Orioles 2, Twins 0 at Orioles.  Starter Melcaides De La Cruz pitched four shutout innings, giving up four hits and two walks.  Yorman Landa gave up no hits in three shutout innings, walking four and striking out three.

Tuesday—Twins 11, Cubs1 2 at Twins (5 ½ innings—rain).  The Twins had six hits but drew eight walks.  Felix Martinez drove in three.  Jose Abreu worked 2.2 innings of scoreless relief, giving up a hit and a walk while striking out four.

2011 Game Logs Game 96: Cleveland @ Minnesota

Justin "Huge Platoon Split" Masterson



Masterson in 2011:

2011 vs L 70.0 - - - 297 78 16 2 34 32 3 17 0 3 41
2011 vs R 58.2 - - - 234 41 8 0 11 8 1 23 2 4 54


I would like to see the following line up tonight:

Span, Laddie, Joe, Justin, Jimmer, L'orange, Repko (9), Nishi, Revere (7).

[pipe dream .jpg]

I have a feeling Masterson is going to make Cuddy look silly tonight. Time for Jimmer and Joe to do some work.

Let's get one back tonight.

Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.