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2023 Game Log 42: Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers

Hey, look at that, another free MLB.tv game! And our old friend Plouffe! will be in the booth the whole road trip.

The Twins walk into Dodger Stadium while the home team maintains a nine game win streak in their arena. On top of this, the Twins have lost ten(!) games in a row against the Dodgers.

Syndergaard is not at his best this season and López is at nearly half his ERA. While the Dodgers have decent pitching overall, let's hope the Twins can get to Noah early.

The Assbats® seem to have taken the weekend off, and hopefully they didn't make the trip out to LA.

Happy Birthday–June 15

Babe Dahlgren (1912)
Bernice Gera (1931)
Mario Cuomo (1932)
Billy Williams (1938)
Ty Cline (1939)
Bruce Dal Canton (1941)
Ken Henderson (1946)
Champ Summers (1946)
Dusty Baker (1949)
Lance Parrish (1956)
Brett Butler (1957)
Wade Boggs (1958)
Tony Clark (1972)
Ramiro Mendoza (1972)
Andy Pettitte (1972)
Zach Day (1978)
Jeremy Reed (1981)
Tim Lincecum (1984)
Cliff Pennington (1984)
Mike Fiers (1985)
Trevor Plouffe (1986)
Eduardo Nunez (1987)
Jake Locker (1988)

Bernice Gera was the first female umpire in Organized Baseball, umpiring one game in the New York-Penn League in 1972.

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo was an outfielder for the Brunswick Pirates of the Georgia-Florida League in 1952.

Quarterback Jake Locker was drafted by the Angels as an outfielder in the tenth round in 2009.  He signed a contract with them, but never played a game of professional baseball.

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2020 Game Log 43: The Fightin’ Gardies at Minnesota Twins

Sorry, gang, Labor Dayin' it up over here so I don't have a lot of time for this. Obviously, I want the Twins to win today, but Plouffe(!) with a Dobnak beard would be pretty sweet.

Hope you all are keeping it low and lazy!

Game 90 recap: Twins 5 A’s 0

Brian Dozier led off the game with a home run and Trevor Plouffe added a grand slam as the Twins kicked off thier post All Star break schedule with a win over Oakland 5-0.


Its getting to the point where I am expecting Dozier to hit one out every at bat. How high can his HR total fly? Will he hit more that Justin Morneau's 34 or Josh Willingham's 35? Its possible!


Ervin Santana pitched pretty well going 7.2 allowing 5 hits and a walk. Brian Duensing pitched in the 8thas Santana seemed to run out of gas, then finished out the 9th with a clean appearance.


Going back to Plouffe's grand slam, the key to that at bat was the one taken by Miguel Sano. He battled and fought his way to get a walk. Just my observation, in the brief time Sano has been with the Twins, he doesnt look lost at the plate like Buxton did and has drawn a couple tough walks. I think he is a keeper.

The Twins are now 50 -40 on the year. Its just fantastic and the trudgery the last few years have been following this team. I hope win 60 comes in just 10 more games.


Game 71: Twins 4, Reds 3

Well boys, I was scheduled to work from 10-8 today but when I got there to start my shift they said I could head home until 2 if I wanted. I could use the money, but I could use the family/study time more so I accepted. Studied for a bit, hung out with the wife and kid, took the dogs for a walk and brought the old transistor radio along. Heard the first 4 innings as relayed by Provus & Dazzle, watched bits and pieces of the last 5 innings when I got to work. Was able to wander into the bar to watch the big Willingham at-bat from first pitch to big boy swing. But more on that after the jump. 

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