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Game 11 Recap: Minnesota Twins 3, New York Yankees 8

After Monday night's victory, I was a little concerned that the Mayans were right about this year. Order has been restored, and all is apparently right with the world: The Yankees beat the Twins again tonight.

Despite actually scoring some runs against Sabathia early in the game, both leads they earned were promptly lost by Liriano who continued his struggles. Once Sabathia had a lead he mowed the Twins down like he seems to do every time they face him. I didn't really have my hopes up since, well, it's the Yankees. Add in watching Span & Gardy tossed by an insecure umpire, and it wasn't a terribly fun baseball game.

Win tomorrow and the series win is still in order. With Jason Marquis on the mound I have no fear!

WP: Cap'n Crunch Sabathia (1-0) | LP: Francisco Liriano (0-2)
Josh Willingham: Awesome baseball player.
Greg Gibson: Terrible umpire. Oh wait, that's redundant. Umpire.

Game 10 Recap: Minnesota Twins 7 – New York Yankees 3

once again, sorry, you guys, i wasn't able to keep a solid eye on the game. the small percentage of eye that did see the game is wondering how often the twins of this monday night will show up to other games. pavano pitched a great game (most likely out of spite). the inverted W and W and inverted W boys did great. clete thomas continues to show he is the answer to all twins' problems (and is apparently a great home base coach). also, i've always had irrational hopes for casilla; and if he can keep making plays like this (and maybe hit a little please?), i'll continue to be happy he's on the team.

anyway, please pretend that i thought up an an awesome way to recap these twins actually beating the yankmes, and then comment accordingly. danke sehr.

2012 Game 10: Twins at Yankees

First Pitch - 6:05 p.m. CDT
Television - FSN, ESPN
Game Notes

Oy. Considering the season start we're having, heading to New York City for a four-game series against the Evil Empire just seems sadistic. What, the brain trust that is MLB scheduling couldn't wait a few weeks to add insult to injury? They couldn't wait until May or June to have the Twins demonstrate their futility in the Bronx?

Few things tickle me as much as the fact that the Yankees paid Carl Pavano 40 million dollars for less than 150 innings of work over 4 years, and the Twins have wrung 220+ innings out of the guy each of the past two seasons. So at least in the coveted IPP metric (Innings Pitched per Pavano), the Twins continue to outperform the Yankees. While Pavano has been adequate as expected in his first two starts, he's giving up more hits and more runs that any of us would like and would do well to pitch a bit less to contact and a bit more to the catcher's glove.

On the other side of the street, the Yankees send longtime lefty Twins nemesis Freddy Garcia to the mound. The last time I saw Garcia pitch, Jim Lehland was trotting him out against Ozzie Guillens' White Sox in a rainout makeup game that would send the Sox to a game 163 versus the Twins. The last actual time Garcia pitched, just last week, he threw five wild pitches, the first MLB pitcher to pull that off since 1989.

In a universe where karma moves faster than a rebate check from Menards, the Twins would win this game by ten or twelve runs and Pavano would throw a 130-pitch complete game shutout (come on, you just know that a-hole A-Rod would break up the no-hitter with a two-out Texas league dink in the 9th inning). But I'm going on the record as predicting that won't happen today, or any other day for that matter. All I'm asking for out of this series is a split and I'd settle for just one measly win. With Sabathia pitching tomorrow and former Dodger Kuroda on the hill Wednesday, today may be as good a chance as we get this series.

Play ball!

2011 Game 152: Playing out the string in the Bronx

12:05 start.

Diamond Scott versus the Other Al J. Burnett. The Race to the Bottom continues in earnest.

In the all-important Wild Card Race, Boston hosts Bal'more for a day-night double header. The O's offer up Jeremy "Jeremy" Guthrie vs. some dude named Kyle Weiland in the day game, and Brian "the 'tusz" Matusz vs. John Lackey in the nightcap. The Rays have the day off, but trail Boston by only two games after taking three of four in Boston.

Unfortunately for the Rays, they have seven games remaining against the Yanquis and three against Toronto, whereas the Sawks have seven against the O's and three at the Bandbronx to finish.

Over in the N.L., the Giants have won eight straight to close within 4 of the Wild Card leader, Atlanta, and 5 of NL West-leading Arizona. Three of SF's last nine are at Arizona, so they still have a shot. But the Snakes finish the season on a home stand with three vs. Pittsburgh starting on Monday, followed by an off day, then the three-game set with SF and finishing with a three-game series against the Dodgers. The Giants' odds are long. coolstandings.com pegs their playoff odds at just over 5 pct.

2011 Game 124 Recap: Evil Incarnate 8, Shadows of Their Former Selves 1

Weather: 75 degrees, overcast
Wind: 12 mph, out to RF
Time: 2:44
Attendance: 41,328

Box Score

Words cannot express my disgust with this game, with the New York Yankees baseball club as an organization, with certain New York Yankees players in particular, and with the run of rotten luck inflicted on the Twins this season.

But this baby can.