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2011 Game 152: Playing out the string in the Bronx

12:05 start.

Diamond Scott versus the Other Al J. Burnett. The Race to the Bottom continues in earnest.

In the all-important Wild Card Race, Boston hosts Bal'more for a day-night double header. The O's offer up Jeremy "Jeremy" Guthrie vs. some dude named Kyle Weiland in the day game, and Brian "the 'tusz" Matusz vs. John Lackey in the nightcap. The Rays have the day off, but trail Boston by only two games after taking three of four in Boston.

Unfortunately for the Rays, they have seven games remaining against the Yanquis and three against Toronto, whereas the Sawks have seven against the O's and three at the Bandbronx to finish.

Over in the N.L., the Giants have won eight straight to close within 4 of the Wild Card leader, Atlanta, and 5 of NL West-leading Arizona. Three of SF's last nine are at Arizona, so they still have a shot. But the Snakes finish the season on a home stand with three vs. Pittsburgh starting on Monday, followed by an off day, then the three-game set with SF and finishing with a three-game series against the Dodgers. The Giants' odds are long. pegs their playoff odds at just over 5 pct.

Game 151: Indians at Twins

Masterson vs. Pavano

Don't blink. This could go quick. Pavano has pitched well against his former team and Masterson is facing the Twins, so don't expect much offense.

The Twins need to go 4-8 to avoid 100 losses. I'm not sure it really matters, but maybe it could motivate the Twins to show a little more inspired play. They also need to go 2-10 to avoid the Twins' worst record. Fortunately, the franchise record of 113 losses (in 154 games!!) is safe. The Twins need to go winless and finish the season with 19 consecutive losses to have the Twins' worst record all to themselves. Doesn't seem all that unlikely at this point.

Some other races to look at: Can Benson set the Twins' rookie record for stolen bases? Can the Twins have a game with no players from the Opening Day lineup play in the game? Who will have the worst batting average: Butera, Rivera or Tosoni? Will any Twin get to 20 home runs (Cuddyer's at 18, Valencia 15)? Will anyone get to 70 RBIs (Valencia at 69, Cuddyer 65)?


Game. Cleveland vs. Minnesota

It's sort of sad that the Twins will never win another baseball game. I was a fan of the occasional win, but if I can't have that, I guess watching errors and strikeouts will have to get me by.

I'll be listening to this one, driving to Brainerd on a road trip with the wife. Since this one is obviously impossible, let's at least make it close.

Gomez vs Swizzlestick, who seems to be our best starter lately. Who knows, maybe we'll only lose by three?

Game 146: Twins at Tigers

Ten years ago last week, we moved into our current home. I know this because 10 years ago today I was waiting for my DirecTV to be installed when my wife called to tell me to turn on the radio. I may have been the last person in the country to know about the Twin Towers. Let's honor those who lost their lives and celebrate those who survived and helped others survive and maybe share a few of our own memories of that day. As for the game ...

Scott Diamond vs. Doug Fister

Maybe the Twins can fist it off Fister, but I won't be holding my breath.

Diamond had the benefit of unfamiliarity against the Tigers in his last start against them. I don't expect it to go so well the second time. Then again, he did better against the White Sox the second time around, so you never know.

Normally, this would be a great doubleheader day with the Twins scheduled to start about three hours before a certain other Minnesota team kicks off its season (literally). It's really sad that for decades the Twins have tried to surpass the Vikings in popularity and even with two world championships, they still haven't done it. However, they had a golden opportunity to get a leg up on the Vikes, who bumbled through a controversial and disappointing season while the Twins were coming off a wonderful 94-win debut season for spectacular Target Field. All the Twins did was puke all over that field and their fans while the Vikings traded for Donovan McNabb and signed their most popular player to a 7-year, $100 million contract, with only just over a third of it guaranteed.

Hey, Ziggy. You wouldn't want to buy a baseball team as well?

2011 Game 144: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

Kevin "Malingerer" Slowey v Brad Penny

Per Joe C:
Revere CF
Plouffe 2B
Mauer C
Kubel DH
Valencia 3B
Parmelee 1B
Benson RF
Tosoni LF
Nishioka SS

Some thoughts:

  • Gardy must really hate Plouffe's defense at shortstop. Is it really worse than Nishioka's?
  • Slowey should really like the outfield defense today. I don't know how good Tosoni is at LF, though TZL rates him as +3 so far this year. Nonetheless, with Revere in CF and Benson in RF, this is going to be a no doubles night.
  • This is the first time Mauer has caught since August 20.