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Game 14: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Minnesota Twins (Game 1)

The locals lucked out with their fantastic weather and gave us to a two-spot today. Our young gun squares off against their veteran Dickey.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Minnesota Twins
(8-6)                                                      (6-7)
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
1:10 PM CT

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Probable Starting Pitchers
Robert Allen Dickey
1-2, 5.30
Kyle Benjamin Gibson
2-0, 1.59

Game 13: Blue Jays at the Bullseye

Well, its time for the first Tuesday game of the season. This should be a good time with an expected game time temperature of 36º F. (goodness, could you imagine the Pelf pitching in this stuff? brrr) This seems like a good time for some birds to come into town (not that Toronto is any warmer), so the Twins will have that going for them.

Anyway, your starting pitchers for tonight:

Morrow (1-1, 5.73) vs. Hughes (0-0, 7.20)

I would expect a decent amount of strikeouts this game as both pitchers are striking out 1+/inning. Hughes has only gone five innings in each start, though against Oakland he had that bad first inning, then four good innings. Hopefully he keeps those good innings going and continues this trend of the starters eating some innings. It would warm my heart if, by the end of the year, Hughes showed that it was that awful place in NY that was the problem.

Taking a quick look at Morrow's game logs for his first two starts shows him pitching well at the beginning of games, but losing it a bit later on. It'd be great if Twins hitters could continue this trend of taking a lot of pitches. They lead the league in that stat, taking 4.14 PPA which has also put them atop the leaderboard in walks.

Game 12: Kansas City at Minnesota

The report of my their death was greatly exaggerated.
-Samuel Clemens

A win today gets the Twins a sweep and back to .500. Kevin Correia (0-1) faces off against Jason Vargas (1-0). Another 2nd Inning like yesterday is a good way to go, IMHO.

1. N. Aoki, RF
2. O. Infante, 2B
3. E. Hosmer, 1B
4. B. Butler, DH
5. A. Gordon, LF
6. S. Perez, C
7. M. Moustakas, 3B
8. L. Cain, CF
9. A. Escobar, SS

1. B. Dozier, 2B
2. J. "Power" Mauer, 1B
3. T. Plouffe, 3B
4. C. Colabello RF
5. J. Kubel, LF
6. J. Pinto, DH
7. K. Suzuki, C
8. A. Hicks, CF
9. P. Florimon, SS

Game 11: Twins hosting Royals

I bought my yearly pack of baseball cards yesterday. I acquiesced to Lindsey and bought a pack from last year, just on the offhand chance that I'd get a Morneau as a Twin. I told her that the odds were ridiculously low.

So, of course I pulled a Morneau.

I also pulled this.

it's a sign!

It's got to be a sign. Of what, I don't know. Maybe it's a sign that he'll get traded for an outfielder that will later be waived so that the Twins can keep a washed up infielder as a fourth outfielder. I'm assuming reality itself wpuld collapse at that point.

What I'm trying to say is that Florimon has a .080 average that seems unlikely to improve at all. I'm guessing it will go down further by year's end.

Nolasco on the mound. Speaking of dire predictions, I'm guessi g Nolasco finishes the yesr with a 9 ERA.


2014 Game 8: A’s at Twins

Hey, 3-4 isn't so bad. Playing like that couldn't have us finishing much worse than third in this division, right? Lest I get too optimistic, let's look at the pitchers: young journeyman Jesse Chavez takes on Phil Hughes. Hmm, that could be worse. Chavez does strike some guys out (205 in 241 career innings) but is otherwise unremarkable enough, on either the good or bad side, to mention. As far as his numbers go, he's actually similar in results to Hughes in many ways.

The Twins have one new guy in the lineup as Chris Herrmann mans right field.

This is yet another one I'll see from work, though it's early enough that I'll probably see a good amount of it. Never fear, Twins fans...we finally get a night game on Friday.

2014 Game 7: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Colabellos

Home Opener
Another Monday, another opening day. Today's home opener will inaugurate the fifth season of MLB play at Target Field. I'll be behind home plate somewhere as a guest of a season ticket holder. I'm looking forward to a good game.

So where do the Twins stand? After starting the season with two series on the road in Chicago and Cleveland (and really, who doesn't want to play outdoor baseball in the Rust Belt in early April), the Twins find themselves sporting a .500 record. That seems to be a much better start than we've endured the past couple of years, but I'm not going to check the records to make sure. That's just asking for depression to set in.

Today the Twins send Kevin Correia to the mound while the A's counter with Scott Kazmir (yes, another year of hearing Bert mispronounce a simple name). Let's hope the Twins can ride the Colabello gravy train to one more win. Play ball!