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2012 Game 121: Funnyball vs. Moneyball

First Pitch - 9:05 p.m. CDT
Television - FSN

Oooooow, look at all that foul territory. The Twins will feel right at home there, they've been playing pretty foul ball lately, winning just one game in their last ten and riding a five game losing streak. It's so bad I wandered over to Cot's today to see what our payroll situation looks like for next year. The good news is a lot of money is coming off the books, about $35 million, give or take a nickel. So Terry Ryan should have some money with which to play ball this winter. Let's hope he doesn't decide to bunt.

On The Hill:
Brian Duensing vs. Brandon McCarthy.
I'm not going to bother with their stats at this point. I'll just say advantage Oakland and leave it there. With this late start, I'll be down for the count after three innings. It won't surprise me if The Dunce is, too.

Play ball!

2012 Game 50: Return of the F Bomb



A's: Tyson Ross (2-5 5.79) If I were an A's fan Ross's K picture would be his face on a bag of chicken.
Twins: Francisco Liriano (0-5 8.47 ERA) I'm afraid to look at advanced stats today. Maybe tomorrow.

I for one, welcome our new Dictator who, having fought his way out of the bullpen, has found himself the master of the high ground. Hold on to it for dear life Frankie. I'm also recommending everyone start Liriano in their respective fantasy leagues. Unless of course you are playing me.

DMitt caught last night. Who catches today? GO JOE. Doesn't there seem to be some sort of link between butters and Liriano? GO JOE! Butera might need to pitch, so ... GO JOE!!

The Dictator and Chairman are going to live large today.


tWINs lineup:

  1. Span 8
  2. Revere 9
  3. Mauer DH
  4. HAMMER 7
  5. MOUNTIE 3
  6. Oz 6
  7. Laddie 4
  8. Butters 2 (ugh.)
  9. Christmas Songs 5


Game 48 Recap: Oakland Athletics 4, Minnesota Twins 5

sorry, you guys. totally forgot about the recap. i must have thought it was a dream or something with capps (barely) shutting the door (here's proof if you don't believe me). the twins rallied from behind, tying the game on a ball that the mountie knocked the crap out of, and donut gave them the lead with a ball that was about 50 feet from being a home run. twins baseball!

i’m sticking with the “When will teh suck end” tag as i’m unconvinced, but this is an important first step.

Game 42 Recap: Twins 11, A’s 1

- 15-27 (Last in the Central)
Highest WPA
- Blackburn (7.0 IP, 1 R, 5 H, 1 SO) and Morneau (3 for 5, HR, 2 RBI)
Lowest WPA - Plouffe (1 for 5, HR, 3 RBI) - seriously, the guy who hit a 3-R HR ended up with the lowest WPA.
MLB Recap


I did not have a chance to see this game as it happened.  Work required my attention this afternoon, but I managed to avoid hearing anything about it and once I got home I turned on the replay.  Unfortunately, I can't recap the actual game, because someone edited in some obviously fake footage right over the top of what I assume to be the standard 2011 Twins effort.

Instead, I got to see Nick Blackburn pitch an effective seven innings, alternatively aided and hindered by his defense.  Meanwhile, the Twins offense put up double digit runs (I know, I know. This was one of the clues that something was up).  All those runs were the result of multiple extra base hits (strike two) including a home-run by Rene Rivera (Oh, come on!).

Prior to this "game" the Twins had won two straight, but this is the first time in a long time that Minnesota won a game that was never really in doubt.

Feels good.  Too bad it was a fabrication.  Anyone care to fill me in on what actually happened?


Game 41: Twins at Oakland


Twins     C. Pavano (2-4)
Oakland    B. McCarthy (1-4)


CF Span, Denard
SS Plouffe, Trevor
DH Kubel, Jason
1B Morneau, Justin
RF Cuddyer, Michael
3B Valencia, Danny
LF Revere, Ben
C Butera, Drew
2B Casilla, Alexi

RF DeJesus, David
1B Barton, Daric
LF Willingham, Josh
DH Matsui, Hideki
C Suzuki, Kurt
CF Sweeney, Ryan
2B Ellis, Mark
3B Kouzmanoff, Kevin
SS Pennington, Cliff